Got Love by Tove Lo

“Got Love” is from the “couple” section of the album.  This track is a good example of the solid pop hooks in her songwriting and how parts of the song can get stuck on loops in your head.    The verses do a great job of setting up the buoyant and joyful chorus on this […]

Not on drugs by Tove Lo

“Not On Drugs” – One more song from the first section of the album, this track slows things down a bit and shows a slightly different side to Tove Lo.  Her album title is pulled from a lyric in this track.  Once again, Tove does a greatjob crafting her lyrics around the electronic sounds and […]

Timebomb by Tove Lo

“Timebomb”– this track is from the “dating” section (actually Tove Lo has officially labeled the three sections as “The Sex”, “The Love” and “The Pain”).  Here again, is a great example of a well-crafted pop song.  The chorus once again is big and bombastic.  I bet Katy Perry would have loved to have got her […]