Knock Knock Knock by Spoon

Spoon “Knock Knock Knock” – Back to more drums and acoustic guitar, but with a different flavor on this track.  This follows “Do You” very nicely.  The bass gets some more focus and space at the beginning of this song as well.  This gives the song more of a sinister sound and a completely different […]

Do You by Spoon

Spoon “Do You” – The fourth track jumps right into a quirky “do do do do do” vocal with an acoustic guitar before the rest of the band jumps in.  The music is driven by the acoustic and electric guitar, but there is a lot going on in the background if you listen closely. You […]

Rent I Pay by Spoon

Spoon “Rent I Pay” – This song kicks off the album and leads with a giant drum sound and nice cymbal sounds followed by a ringing crunchy guitar as the band locks into the groove.  Daniel’s vocals come in and he’s sounding looser and bouncier than typical to match the music.  As the track rolls […]