“Attak (feat Danny Brown)”(explicit) by Rustie

“Attak (feat Danny Brown)”(explicit)follows “Up Down” on the album and they pair very well together.  In fact “Up Down” has a long fade out to help set-up “Attak”.  This track has a much more shrill synth sound that starts off with a lot of urgency.  It matches Danny Brown’s style well though.  Brown takes right […]


Rustie is a producer from the UK, whose real name is Russell Whyte.  His style draws from hip hop and electro, with some whimsical elements.  He’s signed to the Warp record label, and has worked on many re-mixes and compilation albums.  His debut album “Glass Swords” came out in 2011 and received critical acclaim, landing […]

Agora by Bear Hands

“Agora”is another track with an insanely catchy chorus, so much so that it almost erases the impact of “Giants” as it keeps replaying in your head.  The first time I heard this track I probably went back and repeated it 3 or 4 times before continuing with the album.  And that is very out of […]

Giants by Bear Hands

Giants was the first single of off Distraction and it immediately caught my attention the first time I heard it on the radio.  What really stands out on this track is the chorus, and the combination of the unusual vocal delivery and the great guitar line that is played along with it.  It does what […]

Love You Good by Marmozets

“Love You Good” is buried ten tracks into the album, but I guess that’s not really a fair statement since there are plenty of good songs throughout the 13 tracks. I thought this was a fairly straightforward track that had a decent introduction to the band. This is not a record you put on when […]

Rent I Pay by Spoon

Spoon “Rent I Pay” – This song kicks off the album and leads with a giant drum sound and nice cymbal sounds followed by a ringing crunchy guitar as the band locks into the groove.  Daniel’s vocals come in and he’s sounding looser and bouncier than typical to match the music.  As the track rolls […]