XO by Beyoncé

“XO” – This track is probably the most synthesized song on her album; it incorporates a strong drum line and you can tell that a lot of the musical components in the song are of the electronic base. The song was written and produced by Beyoncé, Ryan Tedder (from the band One Republic) and The […]

Hey Boy by Goapele

Oh my goodness! Goapele is back! “Hey Boy” has just that something special that his been missing from R&B for a while–funk, soul, love, and of course a voice of a bell. This track will have you tapping your toes by the last beat. Her fun lyrics, demeanor and sound on this track really has […]

Premonitions by Vault

Vaults – “Premonitions” – Sadly, there isn’t a lot of info out on the web about this band. Luckily for me, I just happened to stumble upon them while streaming a radio station. What I have been able to learn is that they are synth-pop trio from London and their lead singer is a female. […]

Help me lose my mind by Disclosure

Not many words are left in my mind once this song is left ringing a warm feeling in my ears. The percussion build up immediately floods my auditory sensors with a fond smile of acceptance. This song I have found on repeat this year–it is the perfect song to ride on Muni to your local […]

Short Change Hero by The Heavy

The Heavy is a 4 man band from the UK that has been making music together since 2007. The band’s musical styling reflect a new-soul/indie rock vibe, which is in large part due to the strategic use of various horns in their songs, as well as intricate guitar playing and the lead singers (Kelvin Swaby) […]

Take me to Church by Sinead O’ Connor

Sinead O’ Connor released her highly anticipated new album “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss,” pulling attention away from her more recent online feud with Miley Cyrus and online attempts at love. Her first single entitled: “Take Me To Church,” she desires to be taken to church, “but not the ones that hurt,” as she […]

High Road by Mastodon

“High Road” – Is the first single off the new album. At first, I was a little ho hum about this track. But after hearing it repeated times and seeing them perform it live, I grew to like it more and more. Also, the lead intro riff played over and over during an album preview […]

Pretty Hurts by Beyoncé

Beyoncé – If you haven’t heard of this woman, then you must have been living under a rock for the past 17yrs. She’s become one of the most successful R&B/Pop female artists of all time. She’s also expanded her resume to not only include music, but she also acts, is a fashion designer (House of Deréon), […]

Solace by EMA

More big electronic sounds, but EMA offsets these with very warm and bare vocals. As the track progresses, EMA layers her vocals which adds more emphasis to her voice. She proves to be a very good background vocalist for herself! As the song moves along, the urgency in the vocals increases until the voices break […]

Satellites by EMA

“The Future’s Void” leads off with this track, and you can feel the paranoia within it the way some of the sounds are used. These noises are complemented by a nice piano line which takes some of the coldness away, but doesn’t eliminate it. The looped hand claps act as a kind of metronome as […]