News Flash: Big Grams

Big Grams is a collaboration with Phantogram and Big Boi. I was excited to hear what they recorded, since I’m a fan of Phantogram’s electro-pop sound and Big Boi’s solo records and a huge fan of his work with Outkast. I would have never paired these artists on paper, but hey, there’s no reason this […]

Black Out Days by Phantogram

Black Out Days precedes Fall In Love on the album, and while overshadowed by the monster track it follows, it’s still a solid song.  Barthel is on vocals again (I prefer her voice over Carter’s), and her vocals are more subtle on this track.  Again, this song displays the key sound elements from Phantogram – […]

Fall In Love by Phantogram

Fall in Love has the immediate sound of a classic.  There are so many things I like about this track.  First off, this song sounds great with a solid pair of headphones, there’s subtlety in the electronic sounds, levels of depth and bass and presence that really help boost the enjoyment when listening to this […]