Wussy formed back in 2001 in Cincinnati, OH.  Chuck Cleaver and Lisa Walker, guitarists, vocalists and lead songwriters for the band formed after Cleaver asked Walker to perform with him at an awards show because his stage fright was hampering him from performing alone.  The band released their 6th album “Attica!” last year, and have […]

Jealous Sun by The Horrors

“Jealous Sun” is a little more trippy than “So Now You Know”, featuring some swirling keyboards that provide some interesting atmosphere throughout the track.  Again, you have a steady beat and prominent bass that helps keep the song moving along through the hazy atmosphere the rest of the instruments are creating.  


Rustie is a producer from the UK, whose real name is Russell Whyte.  His style draws from hip hop and electro, with some whimsical elements.  He’s signed to the Warp record label, and has worked on many re-mixes and compilation albums.  His debut album “Glass Swords” came out in 2011 and received critical acclaim, landing […]

Black Out Days by Phantogram

Black Out Days precedes Fall In Love on the album, and while overshadowed by the monster track it follows, it’s still a solid song.  Barthel is on vocals again (I prefer her voice over Carter’s), and her vocals are more subtle on this track.  Again, this song displays the key sound elements from Phantogram – […]