Heavy Bells by J. Roddy Walston & The Business

“Heavy Bells” is the lead track from their most recent LP “Essential Tremors”. This is not a live clip, but this is a great live song. This is one of the strongest tracks from “Essential Tremors”.

Take It As It Comes by J. Roddy Walston & The Business

“Take It As It Comes” is an outtake from their Austin City Limits performance. It’s not one of their best songs (those weren’t outtakes), but even as an average JRWATB track you can get an idea of their live performance. This is a more subdued number from them, remember they make James Brown look lazy.

J Roddy Walston and the Business

J Roddy Walston And The Business formed 13 years ago in Tennessee but relocated to Baltimore two years later. The four piece band plays a Southern rock/Americana style of music that you don’t hear much of these days. These guys are known for their live shows, and I can totally understand why after seeing them […]

‘Cause I’m A Man by Tame Impala

“’Cause I’m A Man” was not a song I liked very much the first few times I heard it, but it has started to grow on me. I guess eventually the chorus weaved its way into my subconscious and is now stuck there. This song is at least very different than most of the music […]

Tame Impala

Tame Impala hails from Australia and is really masterminded by Kevin Parker who writes all of the music and plays all of the instruments on the albums – but he does have a band he tours with. They recently released their 3rd album “Currents” which is definitely a departure from their first two releases. Parker […]

My Morning Jacket

My Morning Jacket formed back in the late ’90s and released their first album in 1999. The band has seen a few line-up changes over the past 16 years, but has stayed intact with the same five guys since 2004. It was this then new current lineup that put out my favorite album from My […]

New band of the Weekend: Strange Names (No 52)

TheGuardian.com just named Strange Names as the new band of the week. The band is a trio of musicians and singers from Minneapolis who have been described as performing polished pop with a little bit of dark undertow. They are kind of similar to the B52s and the Talking Heads. The trio is made up […]