Decoding Lana Del Rey’s Lyrics, Apparently She Likes the Word ‘Daddy’

Lana Del Rey is a young singer who has achieved a lot in her mere 30 years in this world. But what makes her songs so popular? Some people say it is her voice while others say it is the lyrics of her songs. Many people have tried to sort through the symbolism, references and […]

Heavy Bells by J. Roddy Walston & The Business

“Heavy Bells” is the lead track from their most recent LP “Essential Tremors”. This is not a live clip, but this is a great live song. This is one of the strongest tracks from “Essential Tremors”.

Ember City by Mastadon

Mastadon “Ember City” – I’m including this track which appears near the end of the album because it might be my favorite.  It starts off inauspiciously, but once it gets to the first chorus, that’s what starts to set it apart.  This song has a great chorus that really gets nestled deep in your brain.  […]

Baby Don’t Lie by Gwen Stefani

Baby Don’t Lie by Gwen Stefani I have been a Gwen Stefani fan since “Trapped in a box” emerged as No Doubt’s first single. Needless to say I have been watching the evolution of this artist for over two decades! Which is why I am more than pleased with the delivery of sound occurring on […]