Music Streaming Service Grooveshark Shuts Down

The music streaming service known as “Grooveshark” is finally shutting down after ten years of service. A letter on their homepage last month announced the termination of the company. Grooveshark was most famously known for being a music streaming service, but they apparently failed to secure the proper licenses with a number of music producers […]

Prince: ‘I Was Right About the Internet – Tell Me a Musician Who’s Got Rich Off It’

Prince is the music legend from the 80s and 90s who put out so many great hits during this era. In 1985, he released a hit single entitled “Paisley Park,” which was taken from his weird psychedelic opus entitled “Around the World in a Day.” Like many songs from Prince, it describes a setting that […]

Contract that Launched The Beatles Up for Sale

The Beatles are a legendary British band whose music has captivated the world for about five decades now. Even though most of the original band members are dead, their recordings and media continue to get purchased by classic music lovers all over the world. That is why any memorabilia from The Beatles will sell for […]

“Attak (feat Danny Brown)”(explicit) by Rustie

“Attak (feat Danny Brown)”(explicit)follows “Up Down” on the album and they pair very well together.  In fact “Up Down” has a long fade out to help set-up “Attak”.  This track has a much more shrill synth sound that starts off with a lot of urgency.  It matches Danny Brown’s style well though.  Brown takes right […]