Black Sheep by gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore – “Black Sheep” – Gin Wigmore hails from Auckland, New Zealand and I came to know her through a streaming radio station that I frequent. Upon first listen to her, I found many similarities between her, Amy Winehouse and Duffy. Initially I actually thought I was listening to Duffy, so I was pleasantly […]

Is It Horrible by Marmozets

“Is It Horrible” starts off sounding a little more subdued. You’re thinking, “this really isn’t that frantic or urgent…”. Wait until about 45 seconds in when Becca lets out an anguished wail and then everything kicks up several notches. This song also has some interesting instrumental sections as the band members are locked in pretty […]

Looking Too Closely by Fink

Fink – “Looking Too Closely” – Fink comes to us from the UK and I was lucky enough to stumble upon these gents while watching a TV show.  Before Fink actually became a band, the lead singer was a very successful electronic/dance DJ on the European scene in the early 2000’s. In the early stages […]

Geronimo by Sheppard

Sheppard – “Geronimo” –  Sheppard started as a duo sibling band from Australia; from 2009 thru 2012 the band went from a duo to 6 members, 3 whom are siblings (Greg, Amy and Emma Sheppard).  During their formation, the band was primarily ran as a family business. Their dad was their talent manager and their […]

Love You Good by Marmozets

“Love You Good” is buried ten tracks into the album, but I guess that’s not really a fair statement since there are plenty of good songs throughout the 13 tracks. I thought this was a fairly straightforward track that had a decent introduction to the band. This is not a record you put on when […]

Waiting on Words by The Black Keys

TBK “Waiting On Words” – Auerbach brings the falsetto out again at the beginning of this song, which has some nice subtle guitar work early on.  The main riff is timeless sounding, and adds a lot of emotion to the song.  This may be one of the most melancholy songs on the album.  You can […]

Rent I Pay by Spoon

Spoon “Rent I Pay” – This song kicks off the album and leads with a giant drum sound and nice cymbal sounds followed by a ringing crunchy guitar as the band locks into the groove.  Daniel’s vocals come in and he’s sounding looser and bouncier than typical to match the music.  As the track rolls […]

Bullet in the Brain by The Black Keys

TBK “Bullet In The Brain”– Possibly my favorite song on the new album, this track shows up right in the middle of the album.  It starts off really slow with Dan softly singing and strumming an acoustic guitar, as other instruments slowly come into the mix.  This provides a nice build for the song, which […]

“I (Love Myself)” by Kendrick Lamar

I provided a Kendrick Lamar track I think midway through last year (Poetic Justice). The track I’m providing you today comes from Kendrick’s upcoming album, which is set to be released later this year. I rarely provide hip-hop tracks to the group, due to the nature of the lyrical content, but it is a genre […]