State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.) by Jim James

A few of you may recognize Jim James, he is the lead singer of the band ‘My Morning Jacket’; the band has put out 6 albums since 1999. Although I wasn’t an avid listener of My Morning Jacket, Jim’s voice is very distinguishable and I’ve always enjoyed it. When I heard this song in Hawaii […]

Here With Me by Susie Suh & Robert Koch

When I first heard this song, I was immediately drawn in by Susie voice. It’s very haunting and feathery in a way that I’ve never really heard before. During my first listen I only ended up catching the last minute of the song, so I kindly asked if we could play the song again. I […]

We’re The Greatest by LL Cool J

LL Cool J has dropped what I believe to be his 13th album, including his debut “Radio” back in 1985. Wow, LL has been around for 28 years! His new album doesn’t compare to any of his earlier classics. LL Cool J has branched out, has an acting career and even hosts award shows now. […]

Flim by The Bad Plus

“Flim” can be found on their second (and my favorite album), “These Are the Vistas”. I’ve included a live version of “Flim” which is actually a cover of a song originally recorded by Aphex Twin so you could see them play live. Crazy drum work on this track.

Seven Minute Mind by The Bad Plus

The Bad Plus are a power jazz trio from the Minnesota/Wisconsin portion of the Midwest. They released their first album 12 years ago, and really presented a fresh take on jazz. They gained some attention from their covers of songs you wouldn’t have expected them to play, such as “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, “Heart of […]

Come By Fire by Sara Jackson-Holman

Sara is relatively new to the music industry, but not new to music. She is a classically trained pianist who began playing at the age of 7. She favors the musical structure of classic acts, such as Chopin, Schumann and Bach. Believe it or not she was actually found on MySpace after leaving a post […]

Come Back Life by Kadavar

Kadavar is a trio from Germany and they are total throwbacks to the ‘70s. It’s a serious time warp just looking at these guys. They just released their second album “Abra Kadavar” and you’ve got to go check out the album cover, which says it all about these guys. Their s/t debut came out last […]

My Dear by Ruby Velle and The Soulphonics

Ruby and the Soulphonics have been making noise in the music industry since 2005. In September 2012, their debut album finally dropped. Their lead single, “My Dear” shot them to superstar status. iTunes released it as one of their singles of the week, GooglePlay gave it away for free in October 2012; thanks to these […]

Mountain Song by Jane’s Addiction

“Mountain Song” exhibits their more aggressive side, which I’m most fond of. Footage is from a live performance in ’88. I wasn’t aware Dave Navarro owned a shirt.

Jane Says by Jane’s Addiction

I couldn’t throw out Jane’s Addiction without including a link to “Jane Says”, easily one of my all-time favorite songs. Love the guitar, love the steel drum accents, love the lyrics, love the whole vibe of this song. Probably the best concert I’ve ever attended was a Jane’s Addiction show right after they released “Nothing’s […]