Leave a trace by Chvrches on Jimmy Fallon

On a recent episode of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” Chvrches performed as the musical guests on the show. The song they performed on the show was a single from their album Every Open Eye called “Leave a Trace.” Chvrches claim they had “channeled the forces of the universe” in order to get the […]

A New Wave by The Sleater-Kinney

“A New Wave” kicks right off with some great guitar and a ton of exuberance. It’s probably the most “fun” song on the album, and it should be since the song is basically about how great it is for them to play music together. The verses are sung by Brownstein and then Brownstein and Tucker […]

This Too Shall Pass by OK Go

“This Too Shall Pass” – This song is about realizing that things get better; the main focal point of the lyrics are “let it go, this too shall pass.” The band wanted to express to the listener that you can’t let things weigh you down and eventually badness passes. The lyrics of this song is […]

“I (Love Myself)” by Kendrick Lamar

I provided a Kendrick Lamar track I think midway through last year (Poetic Justice). The track I’m providing you today comes from Kendrick’s upcoming album, which is set to be released later this year. I rarely provide hip-hop tracks to the group, due to the nature of the lyrical content, but it is a genre […]