“Attak (feat Danny Brown)”(explicit) by Rustie

“Attak (feat Danny Brown)”(explicit)follows “Up Down” on the album and they pair very well together.  In fact “Up Down” has a long fade out to help set-up “Attak”.  This track has a much more shrill synth sound that starts off with a lot of urgency.  It matches Danny Brown’s style well though.  Brown takes right […]

Up Down (feat D Double E) by Rustie

Up Down (feat D Double E) is another track that stood out from the first listen, even though it’s not the type of song I’d normally be drawn to.  At first I resisted why I was drawn to it, and then realized why should I fight it?  So what if the song is pointless, it’s […]

Fall In Love by Phantogram

Fall in Love has the immediate sound of a classic.  There are so many things I like about this track.  First off, this song sounds great with a solid pair of headphones, there’s subtlety in the electronic sounds, levels of depth and bass and presence that really help boost the enjoyment when listening to this […]

Death From Above 1979

DFA’79 hail from Toronto and they released their first album “You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine” 10 years ago.  Comprised of bass/synth player Jesse Keeler and drummer/vocalist Sebastien Grainger, these guys put out a really unique sound – heavy, but very rhythmic, and always high volume and rushing ahead like they were trying to beat […]

Bury Our Friends by The Sleater-Kinney

“Bury Our Friends” features a distorted guitar that almost sounds like fuzzy keyboards being played. The band again has a great chorus on this track which contrasts the more complicated rhythm of the verses with a more straightforward stomp. Brownstein and Tucker sound great singing together on this chorus as well.

Gimme Love by The Sleater-Kinney

“Gimme Love” is a really simple song with a succinct yet effective chorus of “Gimme love, gimme love, NEVER ENOUGH” repeated several times. It showcases the typical Sleater-Kinney vocal attack which is filled with urgency and intensity. There’s a nice guitar solo about midway through by Brownstein, she has a special custom made hollow body […]

Knock Knock Knock by Spoon

Spoon “Knock Knock Knock” – Back to more drums and acoustic guitar, but with a different flavor on this track.  This follows “Do You” very nicely.  The bass gets some more focus and space at the beginning of this song as well.  This gives the song more of a sinister sound and a completely different […]

Misty Rowe by Young Heart Attack

“Misty Rowe” – This song wraps up the album and really starts hitting the mark about 30 seconds in when the band kicks into a groove and Hodge is right on with the vocals and then Hodge/Stephens run into the chorus together.  Again, both vocalists do a great job racing through this song together.  This […]

Black Sheep by gin Wigmore

Gin Wigmore – “Black Sheep” – Gin Wigmore hails from Auckland, New Zealand and I came to know her through a streaming radio station that I frequent. Upon first listen to her, I found many similarities between her, Amy Winehouse and Duffy. Initially I actually thought I was listening to Duffy, so I was pleasantly […]

A New Wave by The Sleater-Kinney

“A New Wave” kicks right off with some great guitar and a ton of exuberance. It’s probably the most “fun” song on the album, and it should be since the song is basically about how great it is for them to play music together. The verses are sung by Brownstein and then Brownstein and Tucker […]