The Horrors

The Horrors released their 4th album “Luminous” midway through last year, and I’ve been meaning to include them in this email ever since.  The band formed in 2005 in London, released singles and an E.P. over the next few years until their debut album “Strange House” came out in ’07.  The band was more punk […]

Desire by Jessie Ware

“Desire” closes out the album and has some of the more interesting production on the album, right from the start.  There’s very stark and heavy percussion, with a lot of other electronic noise swirling around but still a lot of space for Ware’s vocals to stand out.  The beat is so slow that the song […]

Champagne Kisses by Jessie Ware

Champagne Kisses has some flashier production than some of the other tracks, and also features a falsetto by Ware that isn’t heard very often.  The bass is a little heavier on this track as well, and it has a bigger “poppy” chorus that sticks in your mind.  However, there are still many subtle touches throughout […]

“Attak (feat Danny Brown)”(explicit) by Rustie

“Attak (feat Danny Brown)”(explicit)follows “Up Down” on the album and they pair very well together.  In fact “Up Down” has a long fade out to help set-up “Attak”.  This track has a much more shrill synth sound that starts off with a lot of urgency.  It matches Danny Brown’s style well though.  Brown takes right […]

Velcro by Rustie

“Velcro” immediately grabbed my attention the first time I heard it, even though it was buried in the second half of the album.  The track starts off with some pingy synth sounds that bouncearound with some nice cymbal flourishes added in.  This goes on for a little bit and then some percussion stops and starts […]

What by Broncho

What leads off the album and is a good example of the band’s sound.  Nothing too in your face, but there’s plenty of interesting elements going on.  Effective guitar work, but nothing flashy.  Some interesting vocal tics, mostly coming out in the chorus.  It’s a short track at just over 2 minutes so it’s over […]

Black Out Days by Phantogram

Black Out Days precedes Fall In Love on the album, and while overshadowed by the monster track it follows, it’s still a solid song.  Barthel is on vocals again (I prefer her voice over Carter’s), and her vocals are more subtle on this track.  Again, this song displays the key sound elements from Phantogram – […]

Fall In Love by Phantogram

Fall in Love has the immediate sound of a classic.  There are so many things I like about this track.  First off, this song sounds great with a solid pair of headphones, there’s subtlety in the electronic sounds, levels of depth and bass and presence that really help boost the enjoyment when listening to this […]

Misty Rowe by Young Heart Attack

“Misty Rowe” – This song wraps up the album and really starts hitting the mark about 30 seconds in when the band kicks into a groove and Hodge is right on with the vocals and then Hodge/Stephens run into the chorus together.  Again, both vocalists do a great job racing through this song together.  This […]