My Time On Stage At The Grammy’s

I was born and raised in California’s Silicon Valley, just a decade ahead and a few miles south of where Apple would eventually take shape and introduce the iPod and iTunes to the world. I played in bands throughout Jr High and High School, and when I left for Los Angeles to attend the now […]

Nine Inch Nails Tour Review: Tension 2013

When I found our seats at the US Airways Center in Phoenix and looked at my son, it hit me. I was his age the first time I saw Nine Inch Nails perform at the Universal Amphitheater near Hollywood. At the time it was hands down the best show I had seen in my young […]

Head-banging Capital for A Day: The First Annual Ohio Metalfest

Ohio is known for the upbringing of some popular bands in recent years. Acts such as The Plot In You and The Crimson Armada have shown that Ohio is a hotspot for up and coming bands. With this being said, it is no surprise that the Ohio Metalfest held at the famous Agora Theater had […]

Dancing About the Avenues of Memory

This video has been floating around the internet for a good while now, but I came across it just recently. In the video, we witness an elderly patient in a nursing home who seems to be quite ill with a fading memory. When his nurse addresses him, we aren’t even certain if he knows that […]