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Positive Determined Intelligent Calculated Energetic Youth: The Story of P. Dicey (Part III)

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As Dicey’s music career began to blossom into a much greater force, his appreciation for the process of producing began to flourish as well. In 2005, Dicey decided to file for a voluntary discharge from the Nigerian Army and focus on his career as a musician. His time away from the army would grant him a greater opportunity to truly focus on honing his craft. Residing in Jos, he began producing new music and getting the chance to perform these songs at clubs where he met several other musicians like DJ Mix Master Brown. Brown would take on quite an important role in Dicey’s career, for he gave him professional advice on where to take his music career. Dicey would take his advice and create the song “Baby Girl” which was also eventually remixed by Mix Master Brown. Read More

The Third Annual California Music Industry Summit

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The third annual California Music Industry Summit took place at Laney College on June 8-9th. I couldn’t speak for how many people showed up on the first day, but when I made the trek to Oakland on its second day, I found myself pretty damn amazed by the turn out upon arrival. However, it was not surprising to see so many people attending such an event. The aim of CMIS is to introduce everyone to the world of the music industry by setting up a series of panels that covered just about every position in the industry that you could think of. The panels were hosted by actual professionals whom were well learned in their topics, which truly did show with each panel. The people attending event ranged from artists and band managers to reporters and unsigned musicians who just wanted to learn a little bit more about the industry. It was evident that everyone here was very serious about their pursuit of getting their foot in the door, but spirits were also very high at the same time. But when you bring together hundreds of music lovers within the same conference, it’s damn near impossible to agitate tension. Frankly, it was the exact opposite, standing in the middle of that campus with all of these people I didn’t know. We were all just eager to learn what CMIS had to offer. Read More

Pirates of the Internet: The Curse of P2P File Sharing

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In my younger and more vulnerable years, I remember standing in line at my elementary school cafeteria, patiently waiting for my daily serving of stale cardboard pizza. A friend of mine came up to me and started talking about downloading a movie that hadn’t even hit theaters yet off of some program called Kazaa. Me being young and extremely inquisitive politely asked him: “what the hell is a Kazaa?” And this, my friends, is when I first learned about file sharing. Read More

The Future of Recording

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It isn’t really news that recording technology has greatly advanced over the past decade. The digital world is now dominating the internet as companies such as iTunes and Napster provide a plethora of our favorite artists at our fingertips. However, there are still quite a bit of people who favor the old fashion sound of an analog recording than they do digital. Who needs that crystal clear junk? Vinyl is where its at! No matter how crisp an engineer can master their tracks, nothing compares to that warmth that vinyl offers. On the other hand, there are a hell of a lot of people who don’t understand why someone would still be stuck on such an outdated form of technology. What’s so good about hearing your music crackle and pop? We’re in a new age now; holding on to the past will merely slow down our advancement. But if we are so split down the middle, it truly does make us wonder where this progression will lead us. Is the digital world going to become so polished that it takes away the authenticity from the music? Or will it triumph and grace us with some of the most amazing listening experiences we could ever imagine? Read More

One Month Until ASCAP EXPO!

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The ASCAP “I Create Music” EXPO is almost here!

For those who haven’t heard of this event, you’re in for a treat. The ASCAP EXPO is an event that takes place in Los Angeles, CA and has been running strong for the past six years. Now, a plethora of producers, songwriters, editors, musicians, and just about any other cat in the music industry that you could think of are coming together for the program’s seventh annual meeting. From April 19th-21st, the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel will house the event. Which gives us plenty of time to make our way throughout the EXPO and take in as much as we can from the artists who are here to share their methods of making it in the music industry. Read More