Women Push for Equality, and Quality, in Country Music

You would think in this day and age that there is equality amongst men and women in our society. Although we often do hear about women being paid less than men, women are still entitled to the same jobs as men. But in the world of country music, the opportunities and treatment might not be […]

Contract that Launched The Beatles Up for Sale

The Beatles are a legendary British band whose music has captivated the world for about five decades now. Even though most of the original band members are dead, their recordings and media continue to get purchased by classic music lovers all over the world. That is why any memorabilia from The Beatles will sell for […]

Ice Cube: Iggy Azalea makes ‘dope songs’

Ice Cube seems to be a big fan of Iggy Azalea. Cube said in a recent interview with Daily Mail Australia that Azelea makes dope songs. His defense of her comes after rumors emerged about Azalea not writing her own music tracks. Like many rappers and artists in the music industry, Cube feels that the […]

The Personal Touch: How Musicians Choose Their Festivals

Have you ever wondered how musicians choose their music festivals? There are so many organizations that want famous musicians to play at their venues. For Sufjan Stevens, it took him eight years to finally respond to a request to play at the End of the Road festival in London. But what was unusual is that […]

Apple to Shutter Beats Music on November 30th

On November 30th, Beats Music will be closed for good. Apple acquired the music streaming service about 1 ½ years ago, but they have decided to shutter it. Now those who use iOS and Android are being encouraged to transfer their music preferences and picks to Apple Music. All you have to do is sign […]

The Burdens of ‘Bro-Country’, a Music Critic’s Term Gone Wild

Former New York magazine music critic, Jody Rosen, had used a term he made up almost two years ago called “bro-country.” Rosen wasn’t trying to be creative or start some kind of music revolution by coining that term, but this seems to be what has happened two years later. Every country music fan in America […]

Happy 100th Les Paul: 5 Classic Albums with a Les Paul on the Cover

The Gibson Les Paul is a very popular guitar amongst musicians. It has been on the market for over 60 years and used by so many iconic guitar players, such as Jimmy Page, Pete Townshend, Eric Clapton, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Keith Urban, Muddy Waters and so many more musicians. But what is truly iconic is […]

Listen to the Newly-Unearthed Demo of Kurt Cobain’s Pre-Nirvana Band Fecal Matter

Many people knew Kurt Cobain as the lead singer of the very successful 90s band “Nirvana.” But few people realize that Kurt Cobain’s original band was called “Fecal Matter.” There is even a demo tape of this band that just resurfaced on the internet. This supposedly was the demo tape that would eventually lead to […]

Foo Fighters Cancels All European After Grohl Injury

The Foo Fighters European tour is going to be finished early after Dave Grohl broke his ankle recently. He was able to make it through his last concert with a broken ankle, but he won’t be able to finish the tour with it. The pain and the limping will be too unbearable for him to […]