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Indie labels win government grants

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You have probably heard about entrepreneurs, students and start-up businesses receiving grants from the government or some other institution. But did you know that the government is now giving out money to help promote the work of independent artists? In the United Kingdom, more than twelve songwriters and music labels have been given £200,000 by the British government to fund the promotion of their work in other countries.
About two years ago, a department of the British government called the UK Trade and Investment created a music export scheme worth £2.5 million. Their purpose was to help independent music companies and artists within the United Kingdom help make a name for themselves in other countries throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. There were a total of thirteen music companies chosen for this funding, including the management company responsible for “Catfish and the Bottlemen.” Other songwriters who have received grants include Georgie Dennis, Christopher Wortley, and Greig Watts. Out of all the past recipients who have received grant money, they have 10 international music awards and 13 record deals all together as a result of this funding.
Critics speculate the real reason behind this funding program for new artists. Some believe it is because the United States has taken the lead as the entertainment capital of the world and the United Kingdom wants to compete by bringing more of their artists into the music scene. However, the minister of UK Trade and Investment says the United Kingdom had £17 billion in exports from the creative sector during 2013. This Music Export Growth Scheme not only helps aspiring British musical talent make a name for themselves, but it also boosts the number of sales for music in the United Kingdom as well. In turn, this creates more jobs and boosts the British economy in the long run.
In the 21st century, there aren’t too many musical artists making names for themselves in various countries throughout the world. It seems that the only artists you hear about these days come from the United States. However, this might not be a good thing for countries in the rest of the world that have an economy worse than the U.S. Perhaps the United Kingdom has the right idea by investing money into their creative sector. After all, consumers love to spend money on creative products like music and movies. It is a billion pound industry that is continuing to grow every day. If other countries would invest in their own creative industries then perhaps their economies countries would invest in their own creative industries then perhaps their economies would grow too.  

Trent Reznor Talks About Moog Synths in Video Soundtracked by the Haxan Cloak

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The popular American electronic musical instrument manufacturer, Moog Music, is discontinuing any further production on the Minimoog Voyager. This synthesizer was previously released in 2002 and was meant to be an enhancement to their original Minimoog synthesizer. In a recent announcement, Moog Music stated they will manufacture about 600 more units of the Minimoog Voyager before it officially comes to an end. To the layman person, this news probably won’t matter too much because most people don’t create their own music. They just listen to music and enjoy the tunes created by their favorite artists. However, their favorite artists are the ones who are using this kind of equipment. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, for example, has a close connection with the Minimoog Voyager synthesizer. Now that it is being discontinued he will have to either keep using the older one that he still has or eventually find a newer one. This could affect the way he produces his own music, which then could translate into a tune that his fans might not like as much as his previous tunes.
Reznor’s very first synthesizer was the Moog Prodigy. During one of his earlier Nine Inch Nails performances, he got to meet the inventor of the Moog synthesizer Bob Moog. Reznor cites that meeting as the greatest day of his life. On a more recent note, the performer “Haxan Cloak” even used a Minimoog Voyager along with Moog’s newest analog synthesizer to make his latest score. As you can see, there are musicians from a variety of generations that used Moog synthesizers and will likely be affected by the recent discontinuation of the Minimoog Voyager.
Bob Moog is known as the American pioneer of synthesizers and electronic music. He was very well educated in the field of electrical engineering. He had received a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from Queens College, a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University and a Ph.D. in Engineering Physics from Cornell University. His innovative electronic style design has been used in many synthesizers over the years, including the Moog Taurus Bass Pedals, the Minimoog Model D, Little Phatty, Moog Minitaur, the Moogerfooger effects pedals and Sub 37.
In 1970, Moog was given the Grammy Trustees Award for his lifetime contributions and achievement within the music industry. Even after his death in 2005, Moog Music continues to be a pioneering company for manufacturing synthesizers used by artists all around the world.

YouTube just launched its new subscription service – here’s how to try it for free

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YouTube Red is the latest service offered by YouTube which allows users to have an ad-free experience watching videos on the website. All they have to do is pay $9.99 per month and then their account will upgrade to YouTube Red. But getting rid of advertisements is only one thing that the service does. It also lets subscribers save their favorite videos onto their computer, so they can view them while they are offline. If you save and download these videos to your mobile phone then you can even play the videos in your phone’s background. This is the basically YouTube’s attempt to compete with other streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify.


Right now, most YouTube users are probably not going to want to pay money to view videos that are already free. After all, there are currently a number of free ways you can block ads and save videos. If you use Google Chrome then you can download an Ad Block plugin for the browser that automatically blocks advertisements everywhere, including video advertisements on YouTube. As for saving videos, you can search for websites on Google that let you save YouTube videos simply by entering the URL of the YouTube page. The only way this service would benefit you is if you don’t currently use Google Chrome or you don’t like Google Chrome. You may also hate having to search for websites to save YouTube videos. It may be more convenient to just use any browser you want to get free ads and then save videos right on the YouTube video page you are on. Basically, convenience is the keyword here.
There is also another surprise coming to YouTube Red subscribers. Starting next year, subscribers will get additional features to their service that won’t be available to free users. YouTube plans to host a series of original content that only subscribers will have access to. For example, a popular YouTube gamer by the name of PewDiePie will be featuring a new show exclusively for YouTube Red subscribers. For those who are still unsure, Google is offering a free 30-day trial to test out the service. If you decide that you like the content that is provided then you can continue on after 30 days at just $9.99 per month. But if you don’t like the service then you can cancel at any time. This is probably the best option to take because you never know if you’ll like the original content or not.

The Crystal Method Denounce the Kremlin’s Use of Their Music

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The Kremlin recently created a propaganda video that shows airstrikes being conducted in Syria.


Apparently, they used a song produced by The Crystal Method called “High Roller” in the video’s soundtrack. The only thing is The Crystal Method claims they never gave Kremlin the permission to use their song in the soundtrack of the propaganda video, which was a video produced by the state broadcaster known as VGTRK.

In the controversial video, it shows combat and battles taking place in Jobar, which is a suburb in the Syrian capital of Damascus. High Roller is a song from 1997, so anyone familiar with the song will easily recognize it in the video. The Crystal Method said Kremlin’s use of the video was completely unauthorized and that they feel terrible about all the war and bloodshed taking place in Syria right now. To those who watch the video, it might make the viewers think that The Crystal Method is endorsing the video because their music is in there. However, it seems as if they want to make it clear to people that they don’t endorse the video or the wars going on in Syria. That is why they are upset that their song is used in the video because it goes against their political beliefs. Like many Americans and Europeans alike, they believe the wars going on in Syria are awful. The images of families’ homes being destroyed is not something anyone wants their music playing through in the background. So it is understandable how The Crystal Method is feeling about this unauthorized use of their music.


The Crystal Method is a band formed in 1993 that features two band members; Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan. They specialize in playing the keyboard and electronic type music. The duo has already been in numerous films, TV shows, advertisements and video games. The single “High Roller” comes from their best selling album entitled “Vegas.” The two band members used to live in Las Vegas, so you will find many of their songs related to this theme. As for the Kremlin, this name doesn’t refer to a band. Kremlin is a Russian military regiment and associated with the Russian Federal Protective Service. As you probably know, Russia is involved in the battles against ISIS in Syria. So it is not surprising that they are releasing video footage about those attacks. It is also not surprising that they would take a song produced by a foreign band and put it in their video without the band’s permission.

Quintessential Bowie

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Hey Noisy Planet! As promised here is our quintessential David Bowie top ten list. We have scoured in music mayhem all morning–while mourning the demise of Bowie. How do pay tribute to such an icon? His name alone invokes a sense of mystery, awe and admiration. But alas, let’s get loud and noisy and make this Pop King proud!

1. “Space Oddity” (1969)

Inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, the song follows the unfortunate fate of Major Tom, an astronaut lost and drifting in space. Bowie’s breakout track became a hit in 1969, the year of the first Moon landing. It’s compelling and heartbreaking, putting a horrifying Ray Bradbury story line to a haunting melody.

2. “The Man Who Sold The World” (1970)

While younger fans may know the song thanks to Kurt Cobain’s haunting cover on Nirvana’s MTV Unplugged special, Bowie’s rendition was equally memorable, full of beautiful heartache, longing, and regret.

3. “Life on Mars?” (1971)

This song highlights Bowie’s multi-faceted talent, as he sings over a simple piano tune before the track builds with the help of a soaring string section. The song helped redefine rock in the 1970s and put Bowie firmly on the path to super-stardom.

4. “Changes” (1971)

Bowie was already famous in the U.K., but it wasn’t until “Changes” that he made an appearance on the U.S. charts in April 1972. He would eventually earn 25 entries on Billboard, including two No. 1 hits, “Fame” and “Let’s Dance.”

5. “Ziggy Stardust” (1972)

The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars is a complex and perfectly executed concept album that not only introduced one of Bowie’s best and most indelible characters, Ziggy Stardust, but also brought songs like “Suffragette City” and “Rock and Roll Suicide” to the world.

6. “The Jean Genie” (1973)
After a worldwide tour as Ziggy Stardust, Bowie was re-born asAladdin Sane with “The Jean Genie” (originally released in 1972) as the lead single, introducing fans to the Iggy Pop-inspired character. The song has gone on to be one of Bowie’s most beloved hits.

7. “Fame” (1975)
Bowie was never beholden to one genre or style of music, instead easily slipping through electronic, pop, and rock before eventually landing on “plastic soul” with his 1975 album, Young Americans. As with the other styles, Bowie made it his own mixing funk and American soul music with a Brit pop aesthetic. The song “Fame” was co-written with Carlos Alomar and John Lennon, who knew something about fame.

8. “Heroes” (1977)
Bowie reportedly wrote this song after seeing a couple rendezvousing under the Berlin Wall and imagining their story. In the hands of Bowie and producer Brian Eno, the song is an impassioned plea, resulting in an aching and human love story.

9. “Modern Love” (1983)
Co-produced by Chic’s Nile Rodgers and featuring Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar, “Modern Love” off of 1983’s Let’s Dance showed Bowie once again changing with the times, a move–and a song—that subsequently introduced him to a whole new generation of fans.

10. “The Next Day” (2013)
By 2013, it was widely assumed that Bowie was retired from the music industry. Always one to defy expectations, he surprised fans by releasing his 24th studio album, The Next Day, on his 66th birthday. It revealed that Bowie was as creative and contemplative as ever, and the album became his first number one in the U.K. in 20 years.

David Bowie Dies at 69

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Wow… Pop legend, David Bowie, has died today in Manhattan, NY after an 18 month battle to cancer.

This has come as a shock to Noisy Planet today–he was one of the most influential artists of our time. Tributes are being made around the world and we still cannot fathom the dimming of the great star.

David Robert Jones, known professionally as David Bowie, was an english singer with a 51 year career span.

With a voice as definitive as his, one would assume that appearance would render void–not the case with the Pop Star.
David Bowie, we can all agree that #yourmusicmatters but, let’s face it–your face alone could have brought you into the spotlight. Thank you for lifting the bar, raising our eyebrows and teaching us.

Now let’s boast about his epic career. David Bowie has sold literally, over 100 million albums (140 million to be exact, since 1967) 111 singles (hits) 51 music videos, and 25 studio albums (including Blackstar released two days before his demise)

It’s hard to contain, describe or review a career so vast, with literally hundreds of singles to choose from–where would one begin to describe or even fathom; their favorite?!?
David Bowie

We haven’t even began to mention or remind you of: LABRINTH I mean honestly, who could forget that face, epic sense of fashion, those wicked eyes–his voice?

David Bowie, he was truly a Pop God and our ears all have a ringing today as we mourn his loss in the music world. Just two days ago Bowie released his 25th studio album, to pay tribute to his memory today we wanted to play his latest and tomorrow we will post (what we believe to be) his greatest!

His latest Blackstar is an eery call to action. Who will stand up and cry: I am a Blackstar…Other than Bowie of course! Listen to his voice cry out….
At the centre of it all, your eyes, your eyes

Will Smith Confirms Tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff

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Actor Will Smith just announced that he is going on tour with DJ Jazzy Jeff. In an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show recently, he was promoting his new movie “Concussion.” During the appearance, Ellen asked Smith about his professional relationship with DJ Jazzy Jeff and if he would ever go on tour with him. Smith said he does plan on doing a full tour with the musician. Ellen asked Smith which dates he would be appearing live with Jeff, since many of his fans are likely going to go to a live performance just to see Smith back on the music scene after almost 30 years. Smith just reiterated that he and Jeff would definitely be going on tour together, but he didn’t talk about any specific dates. He also mentioned how he never got to go on a live tour with Jeff early on in his career because he was just starting to appear on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” when his music was getting popular. As most people know, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air became a huge success on television that lasted from 1990 to 1996. Due to this success, it set back the possibilities of Smith doing live tours with Jeff because the shooting schedule for the television series was hectic. For this reason, he didn’t have time to travel around the country, or the world, doing a music tour.
Will Smith’s career first took off after releasing the song “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble” in 1986, which was also done with Jeff. This gave Smith national attention and eventually led him to having some acting gigs. Besides his success on “Fresh Prince,” he also gave notable performances in “Men in Black,” “Ali,” and “Independence Day.” Now after almost 30 years of being a successful Hollywood actor, Smith is finally ready to go out with Jeff and do a full tour with him. Ellen asked Smith if he would be introducing any new music on the live tour or if it would be a rehash of his older music. Smith acknowledged that he keeps a stash of newer music lying around, so he might surprise fans with it if they come to see him. That way it will keep the performance interesting for older fans of his from the 80s and newer fans that have just learned about his musical work and want to hear newer songs from him.

Music Streaming Service Grooveshark Shuts Down

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The music streaming service known as “Grooveshark” is finally shutting down after ten years of service. A letter on their homepage last month announced the termination of the company. Grooveshark was most famously known for being a music streaming service, but they apparently failed to secure the proper licenses with a number of music producers and record companies that owned the rights to the music. Grooveshark claims their intentions were good because they wanted to help fans discover and share music with each other. But due to these legal issues regarding licenses and a settlement that was made with the recording companies, Grooveshark had no choice but to shut down completely.
Many people have misconceptions about music streaming by thinking it must be illegal or unauthorized by the record companies. The truth is that music streaming is perfectly legal as long as you get authorization from the record companies to stream their music. This entails purchasing a license from the company to legally stream their music. The company ends up getting a percentage of the earnings generated from their music streams and the music service provider ends up getting the rest. Some examples of music streaming services that are legally operating are Spotify, Google Play, Amazon Prime Music, Apple’s Beats Music and Deezer.
Grooveshark gained attention because they allowed people to just upload music files to their website. These music files were not screened for copyrights or anything. Grovoeshark basically became a file sharing website where people could just share their music files with each other. The problem with any kind of file sharing service is that illegal activity runs rampant. If somebody uploads a file that is copyrighted and illegal to reproduce, that person is committing a crime. Also the people who download the music are committing a crime as well. On top of that, the file sharing service provider will get in the most trouble for permitting this behavior. That is why authorized music streaming sites, like Google Play, put new artists that submit their music files under very strict agreements. You are only allowed to upload files to Google Play that you own the rights to. It is not a file sharing site where you can just distribute any random file to other people. Each file you upload is screened and the submitter is forced to contractual agree that they hold the rights to it. Unfortunately, this was not the business model that Grooveshark lived by which is why they were forced out of business.

Scott Weiland found dead!

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Scott Weiland Cause of Death: Accidental Overdose


Former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer died of an overdose of cocaine, ethanol and MDA
He was found on Decemeber 3, 2015 deceased.

Let’s enjoy his music and appreciate his life in music…afterall it is the music that matters…

Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song”

Velvet Revolver “Fall to Pieces”

From all of us here at Noisy Planet–we wish you the best. We are fond of the noise you left in our ears, it will remain in our hearts.
Scott Weiland #YourMusicMatters

Prince: ‘I Was Right About the Internet – Tell Me a Musician Who’s Got Rich Off It’

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Prince is the music legend from the 80s and 90s who put out so many great hits during this era. In 1985, he released a hit single entitled “Paisley Park,” which was taken from his weird psychedelic opus entitled “Around the World in a Day.” Like many songs from Prince, it describes a setting that is a mystical paradise. In Paisley Park, you can hear children laughing on seesaws and people with colorful expressions that talk of deep inner peace everywhere. These feelings are hardly the feeling you get when you see Prince’s studio called Paisley Park. This is a huge studio complex that the singer built only a few years ago. It lies behind a big chain link fence in the suburbs of Minnesota, which critics describe as the opposite of a mystical paradise and more like an Ikea branch. When you go inside the Paisley Park complex you will see lots of purple everywhere. Purple is a color synonymous with the musician. You will see it on his speakers, ceiling, desk, and walls. He even has a galaxy room that has ultraviolet lights which he uses to practice meditation. You can say this is the place that gives him inspiration for his songs.
Prince recently commented on the internet and how it was taking money away from musicians. He insinuated that the only ones getting rich off internet music sales are the companies that host the songs, like Apple and Amazon. The musicians may get royalties from the sales, but it is a very small percentage in comparison to the amount of money these companies are keeping from the sales. Not only that, songwriters no longer can afford to be lazy in this day and age. If a songwriter doesn’t come out with new material then people on the internet will call them lazy. In the past, Prince did not like to talk to the press. Now he feels that you have to talk to the press or else people will think you have something to hide. The ability to tell the truth to the press will actually score you more points with music fans and those on the internet who are highly critical of you.
At 57-years-old, Prince is still maintaining his boyish good looks that helped skyrocket him to fame. People know Prince best his songs that were featured in the famous 1989 “Batman” movie starring Michael Keaton and Jack Nicholson.