YouTube just launched its new subscription service – here’s how to try it for free

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YouTube Red is the latest service offered by YouTube which allows users to have an ad-free experience watching videos on the website. All they have to do is pay $9.99 per month and then their account will upgrade to YouTube Red. But getting rid of advertisements is only one thing that the service does. It also lets subscribers save their favorite videos onto their computer, so they can view them while they are offline. If you save and download these videos to your mobile phone then you can even play the videos in your phone’s background. This is the basically YouTube’s attempt to compete with other streaming services, like Apple Music and Spotify.


Right now, most YouTube users are probably not going to want to pay money to view videos that are already free. After all, there are currently a number of free ways you can block ads and save videos. If you use Google Chrome then you can download an Ad Block plugin for the browser that automatically blocks advertisements everywhere, including video advertisements on YouTube. As for saving videos, you can search for websites on Google that let you save YouTube videos simply by entering the URL of the YouTube page. The only way this service would benefit you is if you don’t currently use Google Chrome or you don’t like Google Chrome. You may also hate having to search for websites to save YouTube videos. It may be more convenient to just use any browser you want to get free ads and then save videos right on the YouTube video page you are on. Basically, convenience is the keyword here.
There is also another surprise coming to YouTube Red subscribers. Starting next year, subscribers will get additional features to their service that won’t be available to free users. YouTube plans to host a series of original content that only subscribers will have access to. For example, a popular YouTube gamer by the name of PewDiePie will be featuring a new show exclusively for YouTube Red subscribers. For those who are still unsure, Google is offering a free 30-day trial to test out the service. If you decide that you like the content that is provided then you can continue on after 30 days at just $9.99 per month. But if you don’t like the service then you can cancel at any time. This is probably the best option to take because you never know if you’ll like the original content or not.

The Crystal Method Denounce the Kremlin’s Use of Their Music

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The Kremlin recently created a propaganda video that shows airstrikes being conducted in Syria.


Apparently, they used a song produced by The Crystal Method called “High Roller” in the video’s soundtrack. The only thing is The Crystal Method claims they never gave Kremlin the permission to use their song in the soundtrack of the propaganda video, which was a video produced by the state broadcaster known as VGTRK.

In the controversial video, it shows combat and battles taking place in Jobar, which is a suburb in the Syrian capital of Damascus. High Roller is a song from 1997, so anyone familiar with the song will easily recognize it in the video. The Crystal Method said Kremlin’s use of the video was completely unauthorized and that they feel terrible about all the war and bloodshed taking place in Syria right now. To those who watch the video, it might make the viewers think that The Crystal Method is endorsing the video because their music is in there. However, it seems as if they want to make it clear to people that they don’t endorse the video or the wars going on in Syria. That is why they are upset that their song is used in the video because it goes against their political beliefs. Like many Americans and Europeans alike, they believe the wars going on in Syria are awful. The images of families’ homes being destroyed is not something anyone wants their music playing through in the background. So it is understandable how The Crystal Method is feeling about this unauthorized use of their music.


The Crystal Method is a band formed in 1993 that features two band members; Scott Kirkland and Ken Jordan. They specialize in playing the keyboard and electronic type music. The duo has already been in numerous films, TV shows, advertisements and video games. The single “High Roller” comes from their best selling album entitled “Vegas.” The two band members used to live in Las Vegas, so you will find many of their songs related to this theme. As for the Kremlin, this name doesn’t refer to a band. Kremlin is a Russian military regiment and associated with the Russian Federal Protective Service. As you probably know, Russia is involved in the battles against ISIS in Syria. So it is not surprising that they are releasing video footage about those attacks. It is also not surprising that they would take a song produced by a foreign band and put it in their video without the band’s permission.

New band of the week: White (No 54)

Posted by | Artist Development | No Comments has ranked the band “White” as the band of the week. The young band performed at the Great Escape festival and was instantly a great hit. Their band consists of lead singer Leo Condie, guitar player Hamish Fingland, guitar player Chris Potter, bass player Lewis Andrew, and drum player Kirsten Lynn. White’s hit single, Future Pleasures, was their debut single as well. It makes allusions to great things of the past and present. You hear a thrilling guitar funk sound that dwells on the disco pop music of bands like Haircut 100 and Spandau Ballet. With all the familiarity in their music, it makes it one of the better debut singles to come from a Glaswegian band.
The members of White already have some experience with success. The lead singer, Leo Condie, previously recorded an album way back in 2009 with Malcolm Ross of the Low Miffs. The track was entitled “The Man Who Took on Love and Won.” The other members of White were previously in a band called “Kassidy,” which was apparently a band that flopped quickly. Some critics say the band members were just too young to take the band seriously. But now just a year ago, they all became part of White with Leo Condie and are finally experiencing success for the first time.
White is currently growing in popular with both music streaming online and live performances around the world. They have already coming out with a second single called “Living Fiction,” which is set to be released at the end of the summer. A lot of fans wonder why the band members chose the name “White.” Even though it may seem a bit provocative, it is a reflection of the color of each band member. White has not released any kind of mission statement or particular direction they plan on going. They just want to make people dance and think about their songs and music. It is their dream to work with producers like Stuart Price and Brian Eno. In the meantime, they are trying to define their music the best they can. White keeps straddling between older-type music and more modern stuff. Music lovers of today have tastes for all kinds of music, whether it is the type that reminds them of the past or new age stuff. When you listen to them play it is like listening to a band from the 1980s that have modern day thoughts and ideas. We will definitely be seeing more of them in the future.

M.I.A. Teams With Surkin’s Gener8ion on “The New International Sound Pt. II”

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The talented young rapper M.I.A. has collaborated with French record producer “Surkin” on his Gener8ion project for “The New International Sound Pt. II.” The music is already available to listen to on and other music media outlets. You can also find it on the new EP by Gener8ion entitled “Bromance.” It has an amazing tracklist with featured songs such as Walled City, Emotion Engine, Close To the Metal and The New International Sound Pt. II. Bromance already came out on June 15th of this year, so you should be able to purchase the full EP in any of the major online and offline music stores. The collaboration between M.I.A. and Surkin is expected to be a big one. Once their project for “The New International Sound Pt. II” takes off, there is no telling what new music the two will create together. If you would like to purchase their music then be sure to check out your favorite music streaming service, like iTunes, because it is expected to be huge there.
M.I.A., or Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam, is an English recording artist whose heritage can be traced back to Sri Lanka. She was born and raised in the Greater London area. Not only is she a songwriter and performer, she is also a painter and director as well. The acronym of her name M.I.A. means Missing in Action. This is merely a play on her own name and does not reference any particular military theme. Her musical compositions are a brilliant combination of dance, hip hop, alternative, world music and electronic. She began her career as a designer, filmmaker and visual artist in the year 2000, while residing in West London. In 2002, she fell into a recording career that escalated quickly. Two years later she rose to fame after recording Galang and Sunshowers, which charted in the United Kingdom and Canada. M.I.A. later became nominated for an Academy Award, the Mercury Prize and Two Grammy Awards. In January of 2010, M.I.A. was ranked by Esquire Magazine on its list of 75 of the most influential people of the 21st century. This was quite an honor for her to achieve after singing professionally for less than 10 years. She even made the “Best of the Decade” list by the Rolling Stones and on the world’s 100 most influence people list by Time Magazine. M.I.A. has a bright future and it will be amazing to see where she goes in the next 10 years.

Scott Weiland found dead!

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Scott Weiland Cause of Death: Accidental Overdose


Former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver singer died of an overdose of cocaine, ethanol and MDA
He was found on Decemeber 3, 2015 deceased.

Let’s enjoy his music and appreciate his life in music…afterall it is the music that matters…

Stone Temple Pilots “Interstate Love Song”

Velvet Revolver “Fall to Pieces”

From all of us here at Noisy Planet–we wish you the best. We are fond of the noise you left in our ears, it will remain in our hearts.
Scott Weiland #YourMusicMatters

Contract that Launched The Beatles Up for Sale

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The Beatles are a legendary British band whose music has captivated the world for about five decades now. Even though most of the original band members are dead, their recordings and media continue to get purchased by classic music lovers all over the world. That is why any memorabilia from The Beatles will sell for big money.
Later this month there will be an auction held at the Sotheby’s auction house in London. This auction will feature the original contract that went on to start the career of The Beatles. The contract has signatures by all four band members; John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison. It also has the signature of Brian Epstein, who was their manager. The contract dates back to October 1st, 1962. This was just four days before their first hit single “Love Me Do” was released. At the time, McCartney and Harrison were under 21 years of age which meant they had to get their fathers to cosign on the contract.
Now if you are a diehard Beatles fan then you will certainly want to purchase this contract as a collector’s item. You may also just be a collector or world class pawn shop owner who is looking for some valuable music memorabilia to resell. Experts predict the contract will likely sell for about $760,000, which is around £500,000. Obviously, this price will only be affordable to extremely wealthy people who have the money to throw around. The average Beatles fan will not be able to afford this, but that is okay. This news about the contract is still very interesting to all Beatles fans around the world. When you look at the price it will be going for at the auction, it just proves how strongly people still love the Beatles.
The Beatles first played in Liverpool, England and eventually went on to be one of the top selling rock bands in music history. The founding member of the band, Paul McCartney, is still alive as well as the drummer Ringo Starr. You probably heard about John Lennon dying back in 1980 after being shot by a crazy fan. As for George Harrison, he died of cancer back in 2001. McCartney still makes solo appearances and plays for crowds everywhere. He is likely the reason why the Beatles still remain so relevant to this day. It will also help the price of the contract go up at the auction, which is being held on September 29th.

The Personal Touch: How Musicians Choose Their Festivals

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Have you ever wondered how musicians choose their music festivals? There are so many organizations that want famous musicians to play at their venues. For Sufjan Stevens, it took him eight years to finally respond to a request to play at the End of the Road festival in London. But what was unusual is that this request came in the form of a handwritten letter from the founders of the festival, Sofia Hagberg and Simon Taffe. This single sheet of paper was handwritten with a pen and was only 10 lines long. The letter is an invitation to Stevens for him to perform at the End of the Road festival. It also indicates that the festival is an intimate occasion set in the beautiful Victorian pleasure gardens, which have parrots and peacocks moving freely all around. Now eight years later he is ready to play there after giving the following response, “Better late than never.”
Stevens is not known for playing festivals, which is likely the reason why he didn’t initially respond to the letter. Many artists don’t play festivals because they feel their music will get lost amongst the large crowds and the variety of other bands playing at the same festival. There is no personal association with the festival like there is with concerts that are exclusive to one band. Of course, some bands don’t care about this and just consider festivals something to add to their touring schedule. For awhile, Stevens was thought to be this way but it looks like he is going to play the End of the Road festival after all.
Musicians are all different and that is a good thing. Sometimes their views and ways of doing things will change over time. It is just a part of getting older and realizing that their fans want to see them play anywhere. Stevens probably came to the conclusion that people would go to the festival just to see him, which would be a great honor for any musician who has people devoted to their music that much.
If there is a lesson to be learned from Stevens’ story with the festival, it is that festival operators and owners should not be afraid to ask musicians to play at their festival. It doesn’t matter how cynical you are about the musician because they will likely change their mind after enough time has passed. Either that or they could respond right away and accept your invitation. All you have to do is put forth the effort and ask them.

The Playlist – New Bands: Vogue Dots, Gold Celeste, Palace Winter and More!

Posted by | Uncategorized | No Comments has featured a great playlist on their website. The playlist contains new bands that are bound to make names for themselves. These bands include Palace Winter, Gold Celeste, Vogue Dots and Future Elevators. The duo group “Vogue Dots” features Tynan Dunfield and Babette Hayward. They are both sound technicians from Nova Scotia and have just released their first single “Way with Silence.” Their music has a textured synthwave that is a cross between heavier Goth and airy dream pop. It is both murky and cloudy at the same time. Critics say Hayward’s voice is similar to that of Lana Del Rey’s voice.
Gold Celeste’s “Open Your Eyes” is the second single to be released from the band’s first album called “The Glow.” The band calls themselves Gold Celeste because of the beautiful colors in the sky that you see just before sunset and right after sunrise. Their music is supposed to represent the glow that every human being is carrying around with them, even if they are not aware of it. However, their music doesn’t just focus on the good. It also focuses on the bad as well. Human beings are capable of being extremely loving and extremely hateful. Gold Celeste wants their music to be both of these things because this is what creates the glow.

Palace Winter has fast and loud vocals with a shade of deep sadness to it. The duo band claims to be influenced by Seinfeld and Elliot Smith. Their new song “Menton” lasts for six minutes, but it is an entertaining six minutes. The song comes from the band’s debut EP called “Medication” and will be released in October. Anyone who is a fan of Kurt Vile or the war on drugs and vaccines will love this music. It has a steady rhythm that can be considered thoughtful electronic independent country music.

Future Elevators’ first single “Modern World” comes from the five piece Alabama debut album. It is already scheduled to be released in January of 2016 on the “Communicating Vessels” label. The name is appropriate seeing how the music tends to communicate a sense of wonderment to the listener. This groovy music from the band is just as interesting as the music of Gold Celeste. Future Elevators have also had many influences. They claim Modern World was influenced by the Carl Sagan documentary called “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,” which is a theme about technology and all of the possibilities it can deliver to the world and universe.

Beyoncé Collaborates with Coldplay

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Superstar and pop icon Beyoncé just finished recording a musical collaboration with the famous British rockers known as “Coldplay.” The beautiful and talented Beyoncé went with Chris Martin and his band to the studio to record a musical track for their new album entitled “A Head Full of Dreams.” Other musicians on the album include Swedish winger Tove Lo, gospel star Merry Clayton and British rocker Noel Gallagher. This album is scheduled to be released on December 15th. Fans on message boards and social media are already hyped up about the release. You can be sure the sales will be through the roof.
It is not unusual for Chris Martin and his band “Coldplay” to collaborate with other musicians and singers. The band has already collaborated with Rihanna on Princess of China, which can be found as a feature on the 2011 Coldplay record “Mylo Xyloto.” But according to Coldplay, recording their most recent track with Beyoncé was the most enjoyable time they had making a record ever. Not only that, but they are very happy with the results as well. Perhaps they are happy to have such a notable singer and musician like Beyoncé to collaborate with them. Just putting her name on the album is enough to gain a lot of notoriety for the album.
On November 6th, 2015, the first single from their album premiered, which was entitled “Adventure Of a Lifetime.” The rockers from Coldplay even appeared on BBC Radio 1, which is a British radio station that is well known throughout the United Kingdom. The rockers only finished their record three weeks ago. They claim they were very close to missing the deadline for completing it, but fortunately the deadline moved gradually to a later date. The leader of the band, Chris Martin, said in an interview that this record will be much more cheerful than their previous record called “2014’s Ghost Stories.” The new record featuring Beyoncé is colorful and joyful. Those who listen to the album will get a sense of the happiness and freedom the band felt while recording it.
Chris was very enthusiastic about the new album and expressed his hope that it would give the band their first headline appearance ever at the Glastonbury festival in Britain next year. He feels this festival is the band’s spiritual home and it is where they belong. With their increasing popularity, Chris might just get his wish.

New band of the week: Sundara Karma (No 65)

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There are new bands all the time making names for themselves. These kinds of bands have been given the nickname “Indie Bands.” The newest band of the week that you should pay attention to is Sundara Karma. These young band members have been called “Indie-Springsteens” because of their euphoric guitar rock that is fun and original to music lovers. The band members of Sundara Karma include Oscar Lulu on vocals and guitar, Haydn Evans on drums, Don Cordell on bass, and Ally Baty on guitar.
The word “Sundara” comes from an ancient Sanskrit word which means “noble” or “beautiful.” As for karma, you have probably heard of that word before. People use it all the time to describe some kind of natural repercussion that will happen to you based upon your actions. If you do something bad then people say “karma” will come to collect and place something as equally bad upon you. It also means something good will happen to you if you do good things as well. So what does this name represent for the young band? At this point, no one really has a clear idea. Their music has been described as “more beautiful than sunshine” and the band members are thought to be bold and full of life.
Sundara Karma comes from a town called Reading, which tends to make people feel isolated from the rest of the world. The lyrics from the band would suggest that they grew up feeling isolated and yearning to escape their town for the big city. A lot of people in this world grow up in towns that make them feel alone and trapped in a simplistic lifestyle. Even though these kinds of towns are safe, they won’t make your big dreams come true. Instead they will only hold you back from doing bigger things and making a bigger impact on the world. Sundara Karma sounds like four teens that were eager to flee the simple town life and pursue their dreams in a big city. Not only that, they sought the admiration of a large audience who would love their music. Their biggest influences have been Bruce Springsteen, but with their own touch on ideas of sacrifice and death placed into their music. Sundara Karma’s music has had over 750,000 streams on Spotify and high ranking positions on the Hype Machine chart. For an indie band, these are all great signs of their popularity and impact on audiences around the world. Chances look very good that Sundara Karma could make it to the main stream audiences some day.