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Gasoline by Halsey

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​This is one of the ‘best vibes’ song I’ve ever heard. The music and her voice are so well harmoniously connected. Halsey is so borderline lyrical; I believe she really does put so much of her heart into her songs. I’ve listened to most of her other work, this is all in line with the perspective of the world. She is deranged herself and suicidal. She talks about being crazy and all her flaws. Her voices inside of her head, are insightful. It really has a way of putting you into the song, I love it! Halsey is a strange artist and really she puts herself out there! I love this track and hope you appreciate her artistry as much as I do!

‘Never forget you’ by Zara Larsson

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I just recently heard this song this morning; I fell in love with it.  I feel as if it’s a more of a contemporary/techno song, but it sounds so good. 

Both of the artists have amazing voices and know how to range their tones. 

It’s really talking about how a happy couple’s relationship ended.  The girl fell head over heels for him and she was sure he was the one.  The male starts singing and he explains how happy he was with her and thought some kind of connection was there.  They are just explaining that relationships can be hard to commit to but things fall through sometimes.

I just love the lyrics to this song.

‘Watch what you say’ by RJ

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RJ has such flow with his beats, I really dig his rapping.  I mainly like the chorus when he goes, “I don’t wanna pull up to your house, you got too many people in your business you needa out a mirror on your mouth and watch what you say when you jump out the benz bitch.”  I feel like he knows the deal with snitches, I wouldn’t wanna fw him. 

This song is dope.  

Enjoy this week’s selection; I sure enjoyed it.

‘Needed me” by Rihanna

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This is one of my favorite songs by Rihanna personally. I have listened to this song over and over again and mentally connected with the song.  My mind focuses just so much on her voice when she’s singing.  She shows that he was on the low with her and playing with her heart.  She just stunts it out and showed him what’s good and that she actually needed her.   I feel that she pours out so emotion in her word’s, she was explaining how real the love felt when it wasn’t even there. My head just flows with the song as I sing along with her voice; I really like her lyrics.

G Eazy in Reno, NV

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G Eazy Concert Review
April 9th, Reno Events Center

​My grandma bought me and a homegirl a ticket to go for my birthday with my step sister and her boyfriend. We showed up at the Events Center at 6:30 to get in line for the doors to open at 7. The line was backed up like 2 or 3 miles!! When the doors were opened, so many people packed in that room; it was awesome!!! The show opened up with Nef the Pharaoh and Big Tymin, the intro to G Eazy was so awesome. He was rewording some of his lyrics talking about Reno, his intro song to ‘Random’ was biggg! In my opinion, he is better live! His voice just sounds better when its not recorded. He is a very attractive rapper, definitely. Two of my favorite songs by him are “some kind of drug” and “of all things”. This concert was poppin! It is the second concert I’ve ever been to, I LOVED IT!

​In his song “Everything will be okay”, he tells his life story of how he is just getting to find himself of who he is as a rapper and how his mom left him as a young child. Tragedy took over him and his dad’s life when his step mom came into place, he came home one day, found Melissa dead on the floor from an overdose. His realist line in the song is when he says, “toughest pill to swallow, but we lost, that’s forced reflection.” Gerald has such a good heart, hes just a lost soul who came to find out that rapping was his greatest will power.

​My favorite part of the concert was the end when they played “some kind of drug” and “I mean it” off of his other album. The crowd sure knew that song; hearing them all singing along with him is the best thing ever, G Eazy is definitely my top knock.