The onslaught of new releases continues this week – Sept. is crushing it!  While I’m not excited by this release, my curiosity will get the best of me hoping that the Foo Fighters change things up a bit with their new album “Concrete and Gold”, I have to respect Myrkur for attempting to play black metal as a solo female in a genre that is completely male-dominated so I’ll check out her second LP “Mareridt”, lo-fi pretty strange pop artist Ariel Pink has a new album “Dedicated to Bobby Jameson” which I plan to check out if only to see how well his drugs were working while recording this album, underground hip-hop duo The Cool Kids are releasing what they are calling their first LP (even though it’s their second) titled “Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe”, Rostam is releasing his first solo LP “Half-Light” after being a member of Vampire Weekend and collaborating with many other artists on their recent albums, Prophets of Rage, comprised of the instrumentalists in RATM and Chuck D. and B Real on the mic have released their first LP which is S/T, Austrian death/black metal band Belphegor are releasing their 11th album “Totenritual”, The Contortionist’s 4th progressive rock LP “Clairvoyant” is out today and finally just for the title alone I must mention the new release from technical/death metal band Gigan “Undulating Waves Of Rainbiotic Iridescence”.
I also must mention the passing of Grant Hart this week after a battle with cancer.  He’s most notable for his work with legendary band Husker Du as their drummer/songwriter/vocalist.  If you’re not familiar with Husker Du, then you have some homework to do over the weekend.
I’m assuming most of you haven’t heard the band I’m featuring this week – the three piece instrumental band out of Brooklyn who call themselves Sannhet.  It’s a little difficult to describe their atmospheric sound, but it’s a mix of post-metal, sludge and black metal that is more accessible once you remove the vocals.  Without the screaming, wailing or guttural vocals mixed in the sound, I think a lot of people who don’t normally listen to this type of music may find it intriguing.  Sannhet is composed of guitarist John Refano, bassist AJ Annunziata and drummer Christopher Todd.  They first formed in 2010 and made a name for themselves with their intense live sets – not only instrumentally but also visually.  They released their first album in 2013, followed by a couple of EP’s.  Their second album came out in 2015. 
Most recently (in August), they released their 3rd LP titled “So Numb”.  On this most recent release, the post-rock elements take on a larger influence while the black metal and sludge take a back seat.  They have evolved their sound to a point where it’s become their own and not stereotyped by any genres.  Sannhet’s music on their latest album provides a lot of emotional moments and is defined more by feelings or moods than the specific music they are playing.  This is some of the best instrumental music I’ve heard since the Russian Circles album “Guidance” they released last year.  I’ve included a few songs to check out below – unbelievable how few views the first two currently have.
Image result for sannhet so numb
So Numb – The title track jumps right into things.  This is a more upbeat and faster tempo track.  Regano’s guitar provides the atmosphere on this song, while the drums and bass rumble along locked in together.  The song builds in intensity as it unfolds and then winds down a little in the middle before building back up again.  I hear some elements of Deafheaven.  My favorite part is near the end when a second guitar comes chugging in to help close it out.
Sleep Well – This track gives off a more anxious vibe, spurred mostly by the guitar.  The rhythm section provides a heavy beat which propels the song forward.  Don’t listen to this if you’re running late for something, it will only make the situation more manic. 
Way Out – This track actually got a promo video from their label, Profound Lore, so the views have actually reached 5 digits instead of 3.  Distorted bass drives this song forward, as the whole band is locked in tight.  Regano’s guitar almost takes on the sound of a synthesizer – a ton of atmospheric sound coming from his amps.  The band takes the song down almost to a standstill before breaking back out for a frantic ending.

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