Release Radar – Ron Gallo Young Lady You’re Scaring Me

Notable new releases this week continue to remain on the lean side – Downtown Boys are getting a lot of positive press on their third album “Cost of Living” with their upbeat punk sound and multi-racial, gender-integrated bilingual line-up (with two sax players) hailing from Rhode Island. Frankie Rose has been a part of Vivian Girls and Dum Dum Girls and after some unforeseen delays she has released her third solo effort “Cage Tropical”.  Cormorant are a blackish metal band with progressive elements based in the Bay Area and they are releasing their 5th album today “Diaspora”.  Finally, Kesha has released “Rainbow” and it is worth checking out(who knew?).
Bob Lefsetz also decided to do a write-up on Greta Van Fleet this week after I did –
This week I’m covering Ron Gallo, who’s Philly-bred but now residing in Nashville guitarist/vocalist whose band is also called Ron Gallo (Joe Bisirri on bass and Dylan Sevey).  Gallo has crafted a garage punk sound with a hint of Nashville in it.  They released their first album “Heavy Meta” back in February.  Gallo did a previous solo album, but it had a much different sound than the current release. 
Prior to his solo career, Gallo was in a band called Toy Soldiers which was more blues and country sounding.  He has abandoned that sound with his new garage punk and gritty, retro sound.  The band sounds pretty tight, and their music also features some great sharp-witted lyrics.  With song titles like “Why Do You Have Kids”, “All the Punks Are Domesticated”, “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me” you can imagine the swagger and social commentary that fuels his music. 
I like Gallo because his music stands out right now, both in sound and attitude.  The first time I heard “Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me” on the radio I immediately had to find out who the artist was because it was such a unique sound (and awesome song).  Here’s a few tracks below from “Heavy Meta” which is actually worth listening to all the way through – but these songs are a good starting point.
Young Lady, You’re Scaring Me – The lead cut on the album and my favorite, I enjoy the energy from the band and Gallo’s interesting lyrics.  There’s an interesting guitar tone and a prominent bass line as well.  I don’t know if anyone remembers the Hoodoo Gurus, but Gallo’s voice sometimes reminds me of that band (who were way underappreciated).  Nice little solo at the end of the song as well.
Put the Kids to Bed – A great one-two punch to start the album, this track has a great little bassline that is prominently featured.
All the Punks are Domesticated – The second half of the album is a little slower, and this is the final cut on the album.  Even Gallo’s slower songs are interesting, due to his lyrical content and the interesting recording style on the album.  For some reason, this reminds me, just a little bit, of the Replacements.

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