Notable new releases this week include new albums from noise/rap innovators Death Grips “Bottomless Pit”, a punkish yet very focused effort from White Lung “Paradise”, and an interesting collaboration-filled release from Montreal-based producer Kaytranada “99%”.  There were also new singles released this past week by both Radiohead and the Red Hot Chili Peppers – I recommend checking both out.  There was nothing notable or interesting released by Drake – and yes, I’d be happy to say that to his face.  I’ve no clue why he’s popular, do people just feel sorry for his lack of real talent?
Well, I touted their new album dropping last week and lo and behold here they are a week later in my write-up – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard.  Their new album is titled “Nonagon Infinity” and it’s a very interesting record.  First for some background, these guys formed five years ago in Melbourne, Australia and have just released their 8th album – yes do the math that’s 8 albums in 5 years.  NIN have been going for 28 years and have released only one more album than KG&LW.  These guys have a psych-rock garage sound and are quite experimental with their records.  Last year alone they released a 4-song jazz-prog epic where each track was 10:10 long and a second album recorded only on acoustic instruments.  “Nonagon Infinity” is nothing like either of those, this is their loudest, most focused and ferocious effort to date.  The most unique thing about “Nonagon Infinity” is that it’s designed to flow continuously from song to song with no breaks in an infinite loop – the last track seamlessly works back into the first track on the record.  This also means the songs are similar in pace/tempo and there are some repeating elements from track to track.  Nevertheless it’s a very fun and exhilarating listen – not to mention a great workout record.  The band really pulled it together on this effort and came out with something pretty special.  I’m highlighting 2 of the 9 tracks below.
“Gamma Knife” – This song starts off fired up and swinging and stays on that course throughout its 4+ minutes.  Buzz saw guitars, hoots and hollers, some wailing harmonica and a solid rhythm section provide the backbone for this track.

“Mr. Beat” – Besides a cool title, this track has a great repeating riff/chorus that just becomes a lockdown mantra in your head.  The singer sings right on the bassline during the chorus and there’s some cool organ work on this song.  Really, the chorus makes the whole song, along with the organ breakdowns.

“Brace For Impact (Live A Little)” – Probably the song with the best groove on the album, this song brings out a lot of different instrumentation.  Ringing guitars, a solid bassline, horns, organ – it’s all here on this track. – live version on Colbert’s late night show
“In Bloom” – If this sounds familiar to you, it’s a cover of Nirvana.  But the only part that would sound familiar are the lyrics.  Simpson makes this song his own, completely changing up the arrangement and it sounds perfectly at home within the context of his album.  The soft approach with the lyrics is very effective.  Sturgill grabs a hold of this song, wrestles it down and completely makes it his own.

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