Margo Price just released her debut album on Jack White’s Third Man Records label.  Margo definitely brings a classic singer/songwriter vibe to her record, which hints at some of the best parts of the classic country sound from the ‘60s & ‘70s but she adds her own personal stamp so it’s not overly nostalgic.  Titled “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter”, Price’s album has the markings of becoming a classic in this genre.  Her songwriting displays great narrative throughout, and it’s the little details she hones in on that help her stand out from the masses.  She recorded the album at Sun Studios, which she financed on her own.  Allegedly, she sold her wedding ring, car, instruments and vintage recording equipment to fund the recording at Sun.  Jack White was already a fan of Price, seeing her at various local shows in Nashville.  So she sent White her album and he was impressed enough to sign her to his label and release her solo debut.  I think it was worth her investment.
Price is not a newbie on the scene.  She grew up in Illinois, sang in the church and went to college to study dance and theater.  At the age of 20 she dropped out of college and moved to Nashville to work on a career in music.  She was in a few bands – Buffalo Clover where she ended up marrying the bass player.  The band released three albums until splitting in 2013.  Price then formed Margo and the Pricetags, a band with a revolving line-up that sometimes included Sturgill Simpson – another upcoming star in the alt-country scene.  This led to Price financing the solo album that got her signed to Third Man Records.
I’ve included three tracks below from “Midwest Farmer’s Daughter” that will provide a good overview of her sound.  Even if country music isn’t your thing, check these out.
“Hands of Time” – This is the first track on the album and a great way to kick it off.  Price assembles quite the narrative during this song, which is an absolute knockout.  Typically it would be hard to follow this with 9-10 more songs that wouldn’t be seen as inferior, but Price is more than up to the task.  6:00 has never gone by so quickly.

“Four Years of Chances” – This song has such an awesome vibe to it, bringing the best of the ‘70s with a modern take.  A whole album of music sounding like this would be incredible – or maybe this song stands out that much more because it stands out uniquely.  A great country/rock/blues hybrid, complete with guitar and keyboard solos in the middle, this is a great song from the very first bass note. 

“Desperate and Depressed”–This is a stripped down song, just Price’s voice and two guitars spinning a tale ofabout people who only want to take advantage of you.  This track may only appear on MP3 versions of the album as a bonus track.  “10% of nothing ain’t worth a dime” is one of my favorite lines in this song.  There is some nice guitar work throughout on this. 

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