Kygo ft. Conrad Sewell – “Firestone” – Kygo comes to us from Norway and is pretty new to the EDM/Dance scene. Like Zedd, Kygo started out in music as a classically trained pianist. When he was about 16, he decided to leave the classical realm of music and started to produce EDM music while watching tutorials on YouTube. He primarily gained success through releasing tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube. In 2013, he released an unofficial remix of Ed Sheeran’s track “I See Fire”; this track has received over 50 million plays on SoundCloud. Thanks to the success of this remix, Kygo was approached by Avicii and Chris Martin from Coldplay to make official remixes of their songs. It was at this time that Kygo established a good relationship with Avicii and toured with him in the early part of 2014. This lead to Kygo stepping in for Avicii during a festival, due to some health concerns for Avicii. In December of 2014, Kygo released his first single “Firestone” featuring Conrad Sewell. This track has helped catapult Kygo into mainstream airplay and it has over 200 million views on YouTube. Since dropping “Firestone”, Kygo has gone on to drop 3 additional songs from his highly anticipated debut album Cloud Nine; sadly there isn’t an official date for the album. I will say that based on the 4 songs that he has released thus far, the studio album is looking like it’ll be a great success.

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