This fun, young, energetic song has a pretty straight forward message. It is about being young making a name for yourself, making your life. Being hip to the beat and dancing to it at the same time. The entire song has a great message and great beat to dance too. Letting people know that it doesn’t matter whether you are ‘cool’ or having the comfort of being alone. Being told that you cannot be somewhere that you don’t belong—it really doesn’t matter. You are who you are, be who you want to be. Let people know that if it means being a rebel, to stand up for yourself, find comfort in the empty room and ‘carve your place into time’

At the end of the song there is an incredible message of hope it speaks directly to the youth—telling them that their fears they must face and ultimately sacrifice, be un-apologetically; yourself. As it has been said before young, wild and free. That is the message behind this beat and ultimately an uplifting one. Check it out and let us know what you think about this track!

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