Jarryd comes to us from Australia, where he began playing in a band called Holland in 2012. The band recorded a debut album, but it was never released and this led Jarryd to fall into depression and quit making music. In late 2014, he was asked to accompany some friends on a tour as their lead guitar player. Thanks to the tour, Jarryd began to record music again and soon released a solo single in February 2015. This single, “Do You Remember”, started to climb the charts in Australia and lead to Jarryd headlining a solo tour in numerous small venues. Thanks to the success of the solo tour, in September 2015 Jarryd released his debut album Thirty One in Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately the album was not released in the states, but an EP was released instead. The EP, Jarryd James, was released in September 2015 and it contains 5 tracks that are originally on his debut album. The EP is enjoyable and utilizes a lot of synths, strings and various harmonies. “Do You Remember” is the lead single for both the EP and the debut album. This song is asking an ex if they remember what the relationship was like before the break up occurred. I love the blend of R&B and electric/indie pop that Jarryd is bringing to us on this track and the whole album. The chorus is by far my favorite portion of the song. I love the slight pick-up of the drum beat and the harmonizing of Jarryd’s voice.

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