2016 April

‘Watch what you say’ by RJ

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RJ has such flow with his beats, I really dig his rapping.  I mainly like the chorus when he goes, “I don’t wanna pull up to your house, you got too many people in your business you needa out a mirror on your mouth and watch what you say when you jump out the benz bitch.”  I feel like he knows the deal with snitches, I wouldn’t wanna fw him. 

This song is dope.  

Enjoy this week’s selection; I sure enjoyed it.

Fifth Harmony – Work from Home ft. Ty Dolla $ign

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Great bass line on this track, no doubt. Catchy beat carries the lyrics on this fun track. The video is nothing short of eye candy for the ladies. It is pretty simple to get lost in the beat and forget about the lyrics. The message visually is that the lead vocalist is in charge. Fifth Harmony has a history with successful tracks and I am sure this one will be nothing short of fame, as well.

Not really much you can dissect on this track other than a strong sexual undertone, great beat and really it just makes you want to jump out the door and get to the club. When Ty Dolla $ign comes in he really responds as a boss and just lays it down. The response quite clear, let my body do the work. Without further adieu enjoy this visceral and delicious video.

Rise Up by Andre Day

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Andra Day owes her success to YouTube, thanks to a cover of Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best” in 2012. This cover reached number 2 on the YouTube Music Charts and lead to Andra signing a record deal with Warner Bros. Records. Prior to the release of her debut album, Andra was featured in Rolling Stones “10 New Artist You Need to Know” in July 2015; this was how I stumbled upon her. Andra reminds me of retro-soul singer that you’d hear back in the day and it’s easy to understand why she gets constant comparison to Etta James and Billie Holiday. Andra had an extremely successful year in 2015. Upon releasing her debut album Cheers to the Fall in August 2015, she’s been featured on numerous awards shows, a few festivals, toured with Lenny Kravitz for a couple months and was featured in Apple’s Christmas commercial with Stevie Wonder. Thanks to the success of the album, it was nominated at the 58th Grammy’s for Best R&B Album. The track I’m bringing you today is the most popular single from the album. “Rise Up” is a song about picking yourself up after a bad relationship/break up.  The song primarily consists of a piano, Andra’s voice and near the end of the track a choir comes in to uplift the song. If there is one track on the album that shows how talented of a singer Andra is, it is definitely this track. I think having the track stripped down to the piano as the only instrument, really draws your attention to Andra’s voice, which I enjoy. If you like this track, I suggest you check out the full album.

Remembering Prince

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R.I.P. Prince – truly one of the most original, talented and influential musicians during our lifetime. 2016 is turning into a crushingly hard year for the music world. Below are a couple of links that show just a glimpse of the talent Prince so easily harnessed throughout his career.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SFNW5F8K9Y – Prince decides to take over this all-star performance tribute of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” for George Harrison at about the 3:30 mark of this video and proceeds to solo all the way through until the song ends – and he ends it with a flourish by tossing his guitar straight up in the air (which mysteriously never comes back down…)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NN3gsSf-Ys – Prince’s legendary Super Bowl halftime performance. A little bit of rain was never going to bring him down…

20 BEST Songs to Get High To!

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Noisy Planet presents the TOP 20 SONGS TO GET HIGH TO:

1. “Because I Got High” Afroman

2. “Good Times (I Get High) Styles P


3. “Marijuana” Kid Cudi

4. “I Got 5 On It” The Luniz

5. “Smoke Two Joints” Sublime

6. “Stay High” Three 6 Mafia feat. 8 Ball & MJG and Young Buck

7. “Purple Haze” Jimi Hendrix

8. “Kaya” Bob Marley


9. “One Toke Over The Line” Brewer & Shiple

10. “Sweet Leaf” Black Sabbath

11. “Reefer Head Woman” Aerosmith

12. ‘(Roll Another Number) For The Road’ Neil Young

13. “Reefer Man” Cab Calloway

14. “How High” Method Man and Redman

15. “Rainy Day Women No. 12 & 35” Bob Dylan

16. “Hits From The Bong” Cypress Hill

17. “You’re Making Me High” Toni Braxton

18. “Mary Jane” Rick James

19. “Jesus of Suburbia” Green Day

20. “Weed Song” Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Alessia Cara – Wild Things

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This fun, young, energetic song has a pretty straight forward message. It is about being young making a name for yourself, making your life. Being hip to the beat and dancing to it at the same time. The entire song has a great message and great beat to dance too. Letting people know that it doesn’t matter whether you are ‘cool’ or having the comfort of being alone. Being told that you cannot be somewhere that you don’t belong—it really doesn’t matter. You are who you are, be who you want to be. Let people know that if it means being a rebel, to stand up for yourself, find comfort in the empty room and ‘carve your place into time’

At the end of the song there is an incredible message of hope it speaks directly to the youth—telling them that their fears they must face and ultimately sacrifice, be un-apologetically; yourself. As it has been said before young, wild and free. That is the message behind this beat and ultimately an uplifting one. Check it out and let us know what you think about this track!

‘Needed me” by Rihanna

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This is one of my favorite songs by Rihanna personally. I have listened to this song over and over again and mentally connected with the song.  My mind focuses just so much on her voice when she’s singing.  She shows that he was on the low with her and playing with her heart.  She just stunts it out and showed him what’s good and that she actually needed her.   I feel that she pours out so emotion in her word’s, she was explaining how real the love felt when it wasn’t even there. My head just flows with the song as I sing along with her voice; I really like her lyrics.

G Eazy in Reno, NV

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G Eazy Concert Review
April 9th, Reno Events Center

​My grandma bought me and a homegirl a ticket to go for my birthday with my step sister and her boyfriend. We showed up at the Events Center at 6:30 to get in line for the doors to open at 7. The line was backed up like 2 or 3 miles!! When the doors were opened, so many people packed in that room; it was awesome!!! The show opened up with Nef the Pharaoh and Big Tymin, the intro to G Eazy was so awesome. He was rewording some of his lyrics talking about Reno, his intro song to ‘Random’ was biggg! In my opinion, he is better live! His voice just sounds better when its not recorded. He is a very attractive rapper, definitely. Two of my favorite songs by him are “some kind of drug” and “of all things”. This concert was poppin! It is the second concert I’ve ever been to, I LOVED IT!

​In his song “Everything will be okay”, he tells his life story of how he is just getting to find himself of who he is as a rapper and how his mom left him as a young child. Tragedy took over him and his dad’s life when his step mom came into place, he came home one day, found Melissa dead on the floor from an overdose. His realist line in the song is when he says, “toughest pill to swallow, but we lost, that’s forced reflection.” Gerald has such a good heart, hes just a lost soul who came to find out that rapping was his greatest will power.

​My favorite part of the concert was the end when they played “some kind of drug” and “I mean it” off of his other album. The crowd sure knew that song; hearing them all singing along with him is the best thing ever, G Eazy is definitely my top knock.

Do You Remember by Jarryd James

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Jarryd comes to us from Australia, where he began playing in a band called Holland in 2012. The band recorded a debut album, but it was never released and this led Jarryd to fall into depression and quit making music. In late 2014, he was asked to accompany some friends on a tour as their lead guitar player. Thanks to the tour, Jarryd began to record music again and soon released a solo single in February 2015. This single, “Do You Remember”, started to climb the charts in Australia and lead to Jarryd headlining a solo tour in numerous small venues. Thanks to the success of the solo tour, in September 2015 Jarryd released his debut album Thirty One in Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately the album was not released in the states, but an EP was released instead. The EP, Jarryd James, was released in September 2015 and it contains 5 tracks that are originally on his debut album. The EP is enjoyable and utilizes a lot of synths, strings and various harmonies. “Do You Remember” is the lead single for both the EP and the debut album. This song is asking an ex if they remember what the relationship was like before the break up occurred. I love the blend of R&B and electric/indie pop that Jarryd is bringing to us on this track and the whole album. The chorus is by far my favorite portion of the song. I love the slight pick-up of the drum beat and the harmonizing of Jarryd’s voice.

My love is cool (Favorites) by Wolf Alice

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I’m tapping into another London-based band this week, not all-female but led by a female vocalist.  Wolf Alice formed back in 2010 as a duo and released an EP, but grew to their current quartet in 2012.  The band released a number of singles before releasing an EP in 2013 which got a lot of positive press.  Comparisons to Garbage, Elastica and the Pixies were inevitable once you hear their sound.  Another EP in 2014 led to their first proper album which came out last June.  “My Love Is Cool” actually earned a Mercury Prize nomination (best of British and Irish artists – 12 nominations each year).  The band’s singer, Ellie Rowsell, is a strong vocalist and a focal point of the band.  Their music has a lot of styles, in addition to the artists already mentioned, I also hear some PJ Harvey, some earlier Smashing Pumpkins – a whole host of the original “alternative” bands.  The band does have their own unique sound though, use just pick up elements that reflect some of their influences.  A lot of energy, but there are also some softer moments on the album.  I was surprised how much I liked it, but not really since I’m a fan of much of the music reflected in their sound.  I’m surprised Wolf Alice isn’t more popular.  They are touring with Chvrches, who will be playing 2 nights at the Fox Theater in Oakland.  That should be a pretty good show.  Here’s a sampling of 3 tracks from “My Love Is Cool”.
“Your Loves Whore” – Maybe my favorite song on the album, I like how the song slowly builds up at the beginning.  Drums come in first, then some guitar followed by a nice bass line.  The intensity continues to build as some more guitar comes into the mix before the instruments all dial it up at once and kick into a nice groove while Rowsell comes in with some background vocals.  The sound is simplified again as they go into the first verse, with some nice starts/stops for an added effect.  The bass plays a prominent role during the verses.  This makes the music that much more effective when everyone kicks in at full-throttle.  Rowsell’s vocals also match the intensity of the music, with understated singing during the simpler parts and multi-layered scream it from the rooftops during the louder parts.

“Turn To Dust” – This song kicks off the album and is an example of the quieter side of the band.  Ethereal vocals are nicely surrounded by spare music with many interesting effects coming in and out throughout the song.    There’s some very nice guitar layered in the mix as well.

“You’re A Germ” – Here we see some of the PJ Harvey and Pixies influences.  Quieter verses and bombastic guitar squealing kicking in for dramatic measure.  Plus I like the putdown “you’re a germ”.