Turnstile has some similarities to FIDLAR by embracing a punk style of music, but they are also very different in their influences and direction.  They have more of a hardcore attitude, and a punk-metal sound.  They hail from Baltimore, which is definitely not SoCal.  They are not as laid back, but they do have some more reflective songs on their album featuring a surf guitar sound.  The band formed back in 2010 and features Brendan Yates on vocals, Franz Lyons on bass, Daniel Fang on drums and guitarists Brady Ebert and Sean Cullen.  After a couple of EP’s, they released their full-length debut “Nonstop Feeling” last year.  I like this album a lot.  Yates sings with plenty of attitude and Ebert and Cullen have a nice guitar sound on the album.  The band does a nice job mixing it up too, so the album doesn’t sound like one type of song repeated 12 times.  Plus 12 songs in under 28 minutes keeps everything moving along nicely.  I’m sure these guys absolutely kill it live.  They incorporate a number of different musical influences into their hardcore sound – metal, grunge and some solid grooves not unlike RATM.  The groove element is what really helps separate Turnstile from other similar bands.  Branching away from the traditional hardcore sound could earn these guys a bigger following in the future.  They even throw a couple of slower instrumentals into the mix. 

Here are three of my favorites from “Nonstop Feeling”.
“Stress” – The final cut on the album and it’s a great way to close things out.  It’s hard not to bounce up and down while listening to this.  This song features some great guitar riffs, locks into some solid grooves and the longer instrumental part at the end is a fine way to fade out on the album.  And Yates has no difficulties conveying “stress” with his vocals.

“Can’t Deny It” – The into part of this track shows another side of the band.  While the main part of the song is still pretty hardcore, this slower and more introspective side comes out in the choruses, even with some softer vocals.  I would say they almost tap into a 311 vibe in parts of this song, but I’m not a 311 fan.  But Yates still gets his voice heard loud and clear during the verses.  This track is a good example of how Turnstile mixes different sounds into their hardcore style.

“Fazed Out” – You can feel the RATM influence rubbing off at the beginning of this song.   This track again moves a hardcore sound into a nice groove and even incorporates a completely metal guitar solo in the middle.  They shift up and down in tempo throughout the song as well, never missing a beat.  And on the album, this track leads nicely into “Can’t Deny It”.

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