Decoding Lana Del Rey’s Lyrics, Apparently She Likes the Word ‘Daddy’

Lana Del Rey is a young singer who has achieved a lot in her mere 30 years in this world. But what makes her songs so popular? Some people say it is her voice while others say it is the lyrics of her songs. Many people have tried to sort through the symbolism, references and […]

New Music: Grimes

Grimes is the performance name for Claire Boucher, and she creates an extraordinary blend of twisted pop music. Boucher is a very accomplished artist – she writes, performs, and produces all of the music on her albums. She directs videos. She creates the artwork for her albums. She is not an amalgam of different writers, […]

Prince: ‘I Was Right About the Internet – Tell Me a Musician Who’s Got Rich Off It’

Prince is the music legend from the 80s and 90s who put out so many great hits during this era. In 1985, he released a hit single entitled “Paisley Park,” which was taken from his weird psychedelic opus entitled “Around the World in a Day.” Like many songs from Prince, it describes a setting that […]

Women Push for Equality, and Quality, in Country Music

You would think in this day and age that there is equality amongst men and women in our society. Although we often do hear about women being paid less than men, women are still entitled to the same jobs as men. But in the world of country music, the opportunities and treatment might not be […]

Contract that Launched The Beatles Up for Sale

The Beatles are a legendary British band whose music has captivated the world for about five decades now. Even though most of the original band members are dead, their recordings and media continue to get purchased by classic music lovers all over the world. That is why any memorabilia from The Beatles will sell for […]

Ice Cube: Iggy Azalea makes ‘dope songs’

Ice Cube seems to be a big fan of Iggy Azalea. Cube said in a recent interview with Daily Mail Australia that Azelea makes dope songs. His defense of her comes after rumors emerged about Azalea not writing her own music tracks. Like many rappers and artists in the music industry, Cube feels that the […]

Band Update: Kadavarhails

Kadavarhails from Germany, that’s right you have to travel across the globe these days to find able practitioners of rock and roll music. The trio formed in Berlin and released their first album in 2012. They then signed with Nuclear Blast before releasing their second album a year later, and they just recently released their […]