New band of the week: White (No 54) has ranked the band “White” as the band of the week. The young band performed at the Great Escape festival and was instantly a great hit. Their band consists of lead singer Leo Condie, guitar player Hamish Fingland, guitar player Chris Potter, bass player Lewis Andrew, and drum player Kirsten Lynn. White’s hit single, Future Pleasures, was their debut single as well. It makes allusions to great things of the past and present. You hear a thrilling guitar funk sound that dwells on the disco pop music of bands like Haircut 100 and Spandau Ballet. With all the familiarity in their music, it makes it one of the better debut singles to come from a Glaswegian band.
The members of White already have some experience with success. The lead singer, Leo Condie, previously recorded an album way back in 2009 with Malcolm Ross of the Low Miffs. The track was entitled “The Man Who Took on Love and Won.” The other members of White were previously in a band called “Kassidy,” which was apparently a band that flopped quickly. Some critics say the band members were just too young to take the band seriously. But now just a year ago, they all became part of White with Leo Condie and are finally experiencing success for the first time.
White is currently growing in popular with both music streaming online and live performances around the world. They have already coming out with a second single called “Living Fiction,” which is set to be released at the end of the summer. A lot of fans wonder why the band members chose the name “White.” Even though it may seem a bit provocative, it is a reflection of the color of each band member. White has not released any kind of mission statement or particular direction they plan on going. They just want to make people dance and think about their songs and music. It is their dream to work with producers like Stuart Price and Brian Eno. In the meantime, they are trying to define their music the best they can. White keeps straddling between older-type music and more modern stuff. Music lovers of today have tastes for all kinds of music, whether it is the type that reminds them of the past or new age stuff. When you listen to them play it is like listening to a band from the 1980s that have modern day thoughts and ideas. We will definitely be seeing more of them in the future.

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