Floating Points: The Gorgeous Electronic Jazz Journey

Floating Points, whose real name is Sam Shepherd, is known for being a great DJ. But he is also considered a different kind of DJ because he uses classical and jazz music instead of the common hip hop and rap. In fact, his first full length debut features a suite of songs that were all improvised and feature classical and jazz in them. If you are familiar with the works of Caribou and Four Tet then you will appreciate the meditative quality that comes from Shepherd’s music.
Floating Points new album “Elaenia” is said to contain songs with many different ideas and themes coming from them that the listener will always hear something new unraveled. Some might say this will make it difficult for listeners to stay committed to the music. However, they will be completely lost in the sound that it will wrap around them like a blanket.
The track called “Nespole” contains gradually intensifying saxophone sounds while there is a whole 10 minutes of freeform jazz, drums and flashes of strings. This combination of tunes creates music that is both romantic and suspenseful at the same time. As the listener keeps going forward to the next track in the album, each one will cleverly move into the next. This is even true in the middle of the chaotic final track of the album called “Peroration Six.” It contains a repetitive Middle C that sparks emotional feelings in the listener and keeps them listening right up until the very end.
Elaenia is actually the name of a beautiful little South American bird. Floating Points named the album Elaenia because the musical tracks are beautiful and impossible to keep contained in a cage. In other words, the music has such a powerful effect that it will touch the entire world and not just be confined to one type of music lover. That is why if you aren’t a fan of classical or jazz then you will still fall in love with the musical tracks on Elaenia. It has a special power to attract people and keep their attention right from the first track until the last.
Sam Shepherd is a young musician from the United Kingdom that has quickly made a name for himself throughout the world. He is not to be confused with the older playwright and Oscar nominated actor named Sam Shepherd, who recently got arrested on a DUI charge. The young musician Sam Shepherd likely goes by the name Floating Points in order to clearly stand out from the actor with the same name.

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