Decoding Lana Del Rey’s Lyrics, Apparently She Likes the Word ‘Daddy’

Lana Del Rey is a young singer who has achieved a lot in her mere 30 years in this world. But what makes her songs so popular? Some people say it is her voice while others say it is the lyrics of her songs. Many people have tried to sort through the symbolism, references and overall meaning of her songs, and they all take away something different from it. But when you try to decode the lyrics of Lana Del Rey’s songs, you’ll notice that she likes to use the word “daddy” quite a bit.
The people from the website “The Verge” have decided to really examine Del Rey’s lyrics and get to the bottom of their meaning. They have already created a brilliant interactive map of all the words that she uses in her songs. What this interactive map has revealed is a connection between the words and phrases she uses the most. The word “daddy” can be heard in fifteen of her songs, while only three of her songs have the phrase “pale moonlight.” Do you think this has any significance or is this just some rumor trying to insinuate something about Del Rey? The true fans of Del Rey will tell you that her lyrics will have a different meaning for everybody. She probably didn’t intend on her lyrics ever being decoded by anybody. After all, she is not some music spy who is trying to deliver subliminal messages in her songs. Del Rey is just a talented singer who is singing from her heart. It is up to her fans and other music lovers to decide what those lyrics mean to them.
Lana Del Rey, formally known as Lizzie Grant, will be releasing her fourth studio album this month which is entitled “Honeymoon.” Fans of Del Rey are already praising the artist for this album based on the samples they have already heard. If you are interested in getting your copy of the album on disc or digital stream you can go to Amazon, or a number of other online retail outlets. Del Rey is bound to continue to produce entertaining songs that will bring her new fans while keeping her current fans. As for the “daddy” debate, it doesn’t really matter in the scheme of things. Many people that listen to songs care more about the beat and rhythm than the actual lyrics themselves. Those who are decoding her lyrics will eventually come to terms with that.

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