Empress Of New Album

There is so much great new music out there right now, it’s hard to keep up with all of the new releases so there is plenty to write about for the remainder of the year and past that…

Empress Of is a vocalist/songwriter by the name of Lorely Rodriguez who was born in LA with roots in Honduras, and was raised on Latin music and jazz. Inspired by Bjork, she aspired to become and musician and moved to the East Coast. Rodriguez is an electro-pop artist who writes introspective and self-empowering songs, centered around her acrobatic vocals. She first gained attention on YouTube 3 years ago from some demos she had loaded on the site. She released a few singles and was signed in 2013 to Terrible Records and Double Denim Records. She released an EP that year. In 2014 she worked on music for her album, which was recorded in Mexico City, New York City and Montreal. She finally released her debut album “Me” in September ’15.

Empress Of writes and performs her music by herself. It is interesting to note the backing vocals she provides on her tracks, and the rather stark beats and sounds she incorporates in her music. This combination along with her personal and honest lyrics help create some interesting dance/electronic music. Her first album shows a lot of potential as an artist, and I look forward to seeing how she evolves when she’s ready to record her next album.

“Standard” is probably my favorite song on the album, appearing 3 tracks into the album. Rodriguez does a nice job on vocals, arranging her words around very stark beats, along with her background vocals. After about a minute the song kicks it up a notch when she drops in some heavy bass that thumps/reverberates along in the background. She pulls this effect in and out of the track to help add some great accents to the song. Then at the end of the song, she dials everything back for a dramatic ending.

“Kitty Kat” hits a little harder than “Standard”, with bigger synths and a big backbeat that comes in right away. The chorus has some great rising synth sounds and the vocals on this track are even stronger than on “Standard”. This is one of her most playful songs on “Me”. Some of the elements on this track remind me of St. Vincent, which is a big complement. This track is very focused, but avoids being repetitive with its short running time under 2:30.

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