Madonna’s Tour to Feature ‘Sexuality and Religion’!

Whether you are a music fan or not, chances are you have already heard of Madonna. She is literally a household name that everybody loves and respects, which is why she is given the name “Queen of Pop.” One of the things that are most appealing about Madonna is the sexual essence she gives in her music and performances. Now it seems like Madonna is going to mix religion and sexuality into her next performances while she goes on her “Rebel Heart Tour.”
The 56-year-old pop star stated in an interview that she has been inspired by what she calls “deconstructing concepts” related to her next world tour. She wants to deconstruct the concepts of religion and sexuality because normally these two things are not supposed to go together. In Madonna’s world, these two things apparently do go together and she wants to let the world know it. So how is she going to represent religion and sexuality? Well it was revealed that her tour will feature pole dancing nuns. Some people find it controversial, while others who are fans of Madonna find it exciting and entertaining. As for Madonna, the thing she is looking forward to the most is being able to perform new material on the tour from her recent album “Rebel Heart.” The pole dancing nuns are just something new that will add entertainment value for the audience.
The hardest part for Madonna is balancing her older material with her newer material. Madonna realizes that her long time fans want to hear the music of hers that they originally fell in love with. So Madonna has been spending up to 12 hours each day preparing for her tour and figuring out a way to satisfy fans that want to hear new and old music of hers. What Madonna came up with was a plan to turn her older songs inside out by making them more iconic. Fans who go to her European tour should expect originality in all aspects of her songs and performances. If there is one thing fans know about Madonna, it is that her concerts are never without originality. She understands that the presentation is just as important as the songs being performed. If she were just some has-been going on stage and singing her songs straightforward, her concerts would probably not be as popular. Madonna has pretty much redefined the music scene, which is why the Queen of Pop nickname suits her well.

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