Women Who Rock: Haley Bonar

A Minnesota musician named Haley Bonar has become an inspiration to women everywhere. Women with families only dream of being able to do what they are passionate about, like playing the guitar and writing songs. Haley Bonar is a mother who doesn’t let taking care of her daughter get in the way of her ambitions and dreams. This doesn’t mean she neglects her daughter, quite the contrary. She is a terrific mother who is there for her daughter all the time. But she has also been able to find a balance between being a mother and pursuing her music ambitions. Many people wonder how she is able to find such a balance in her busy life.
When Haley Bonar first found out she was pregnant, she had her worries. It made her feel like her music career was going to end and that she would never be creative ever again. But what actually happened was just the opposite. Motherhood made Haley Bonar focus more on everything that is important to her in life; her daughter and music. Where other people in her position would feel that they would have to choose between career and motherhood, she chose both. Haley said in an interview that she just makes the balance work because she is determined to do so. It is also good for her daughter to see her mother following her dreams and doing a job that she loves to do rather than a job she hates. It is never good for a child to see their mother working a job they hate. Haley feels that her daughter will feel inspired growing up while watching her mother follow her dreams. Then perhaps her daughter will grow up and be confident to follow her dreams as well.
In this age of music technology and internet music streaming, it really isn’t hard for any talented musician to make a name for themselves no matter what their position in life is. If you have your own recording studio at your house, you could easily upload your music to iTunes or Amazon and become your own producer. Not only will this help you generate money for your music, but it will help you get noticed as well. Then perhaps someone in the industry will come across your music and want to contact you for a record deal. This kind of thing happens all the time. And if you are a parent, do not worry. The worst case scenario is you can hire a nanny to watch over your child while you are away. Either that, or take the child on the road with you. Anything is possible if you truly want it to happen.

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