2015 September

Lana Del Rey will Release ‘High By The Beach’ Single Next Week

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Lana Del Rey is a singer you are probably familiar with. She recently released a new single called “High by the Beach.” It is the second song featured in her future album entitled “Honeymoon.” Prior to the release of her single, Del Rey teased her fans with details about songs from her forthcoming album that is due to be released in September. This information as well as the cover art for her single is featured on her Instagram account. There is also a rumor that she will be featured on a new album by Weeknd and possibly even the subject of a new book being written by actor James Franco. This book is entitled “Flip Side: Real and Imaginary Conversations with Lana Del Rey.” It will contain real life interviews with Del Rey and some made up ones as well. There are also numerous portraits of Del Rey which were taken by her photographer and sister named Caroline “Chuck” Grant.

Lana Del Rey was born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant. People know her by her stage name “Lana Del Rey,” or sometimes as Lizzy Grant. She started writing songs when she was just 18 years old and then signed a recording contract in 2007 with the record company “5 Points Records.” Her first digital album was called “Lana Del Ray” and was released in January of 2010. In July of 2011, she signed a joint contract with Polydor, Stranger Records and Interscope. One year later she released her second studio album entitled “Born to Die,” which debuted on the U.S. Billboard 200 at number two. It was also the fifth best selling album during the entire year of 2012. Del Rey’s career took off nicely after this as she continues to have a growing fan base thanks to the internet.

Del Rey has come a long way in such a short period of time. She overcame a problem with alcoholism by the time she was 20-years-old. This dark part of her past inspired the lyrics to her song “Born to Die,” which is mainly about her wilderness years as a youth. Many great artists who write songs often reflect their own personal hardships in their lyrics. This is what makes audiences so attracted to songs like hers because they can relate to the pain she went through and the obstacles she overcame. Del Ray is only 30-years-old and she has already become a legend. The next 30 years are bound to be even better for her.

‘Cause I’m A Man by Tame Impala

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“’Cause I’m A Man” was not a song I liked very much the first few times I heard it, but it has started to grow on me. I guess eventually the chorus weaved its way into my subconscious and is now stuck there. This song is at least very different than most of the music I listen to. Again, it has elements of the past Tame Impala song while still being very different at the same time. I’m still pretty indifferent to the verses, but I like the music during the choruses, especially the way the bass thumps below the surface. However, I really want to go back and listen to “Innerspeaker” after I hear the new music.

New Person, Same Old Mistakes by Tame Impala

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“New Person, Same Old Mistakes” is actually the last track on the album and the second longest at just over six minutes in length. The song starts off with a bouncy psychedelic synth that definitely embodies the Tame Impala sound. Coupled with a complementary bass line, it’s effective at driving the song forward. Parker layers his vocals nicely in the mix, demonstrating another aspect of their psychedelic sound. This track is an example of Parker’s new sound working well. Other tracks on the album have a little more mixed results. The song takes a definite turn with about two minutes left, but then works its way back to the original hook.

Tame Impala

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Tame Impala hails from Australia and is really masterminded by Kevin Parker who writes all of the music and plays all of the instruments on the albums – but he does have a band he tours with. They recently released their 3rd album “Currents” which is definitely a departure from their first two releases. Parker started the band when he was 13 yrs old with his friend Dominic Simper on bass (Parker on guitar/vocals). 8 years later, they were joined by a drummer, Jay Watson. They signed a record deal one year later and released their first EP in 2008. Parker micromanaged everything on the EP, performing every instrument in the studio and even doing the artwork for the album. The EP charted in Australia, climbing to #1 on the independent label chart. They supported a few larger bands when they toured in Australia, including MGMT and the Black Keys. In 2010 they released their debut full-length – “Innerspeaker”. Parker allowed his bandmates to play a little bit on this album, but still recorded most of the instruments on his own. They got Dave Fridmann to mix the album, and the band’s unique psychedelic/alternative/indie sound received a lot of attention across the globe. In Australia they were nominated or won several album of the year awards. Two years later, their second album came out (Parker was recording on the road and actually lost half of the new album when his iPod fell out of his bag), after Parker spent most of a year mixing it with Fridmann again. “Lonerism” was less guitar heavy than the first album and a little more weird but was even more popular than “Innerspeaker”. The album topped many year-end polls and won album of the year again in Australia. They also received a Grammy nomination for Best Alternative Album. Parker then spent a lot of time collaborating with many musicians, as he became an “in demand” artist.

The 3rd album “Currents” is once again a departure from the previous albums, featuring far less guitars, more synthesizers, and more of an R&B/Dance sound. Personally, I liked their sound best on “Innerspeaker” and less on each successive album. But Parker always has some interesting songs on his albums. Here’s a couple to check out.

Here’s a sample of their music:

Listen to the Newly-Unearthed Demo of Kurt Cobain’s Pre-Nirvana Band Fecal Matter

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Many people knew Kurt Cobain as the lead singer of the very successful 90s band “Nirvana.” But few people realize that Kurt Cobain’s original band was called “Fecal Matter.” There is even a demo tape of this band that just resurfaced on the internet. This supposedly was the demo tape that would eventually lead to the creation of Nirvana. The internet has seen a lot of rare media from Kurt Cobain’s past. There were alternate versions of popular Nirvana songs, such as “Come As You Are” and “Polly,” that have found their way onto YouTube. Now a 58 minute demo tape can be found on YouTube as well. This demo tape features Kurt Cobain when he was just 19-years-old performing with his friends. It was recorded onto an audio cassette inside someone’s house. Since it is an audio cassette, the sound quality is not perfect. You will hear a lot of acidic guitar riffs and fuzziness in the sounds. There are even sounds of coughing while Cobain is doing the vocals.

The significance of the demo tape is the sounds in the music that would later resemble the sounds in Nirvana’s “Bleach.” You can hear Cobain doing both the vocals and the guitar sounds in the demo tape. Dale Crover is believed to be on backup vocals, bass and drums. This demo tape is at least 30-years-old and has never been heard in its entirety until now. For anyone who is a fan of Nirvana’s music, this demo tape is like the holy grail of their existence. If it weren’t for this demo tape, Nirvana may never have existed to begin with. The story behind the demo tape is an interesting one. Legend has it that Cobain met up with another punk rocker Krist Novoselic, whose mother happened to own a beauty and hair salon. Novoselic invited Cobain to practice with him in a room upstairs in the hair salon. A few years went by and Cobain had the idea to form a band. He encouraged Novoselic to give him a copy of the demo tape they made and join together in a band called Nirvana. Novoselic was hesitant at first, but later agreed to give Cobain the tape and join Nirvana. This was how Nirvana got created. As for the demo leak, rumors suggest that former Nirvana band member Dave Grohl had something to do with that. This demo leak just happened to be around the same time that rare demos from his band “Foo Fighters” got released as well.

Madonna’s Tour to Feature ‘Sexuality and Religion’!

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Whether you are a music fan or not, chances are you have already heard of Madonna. She is literally a household name that everybody loves and respects, which is why she is given the name “Queen of Pop.” One of the things that are most appealing about Madonna is the sexual essence she gives in her music and performances. Now it seems like Madonna is going to mix religion and sexuality into her next performances while she goes on her “Rebel Heart Tour.”
The 56-year-old pop star stated in an interview that she has been inspired by what she calls “deconstructing concepts” related to her next world tour. She wants to deconstruct the concepts of religion and sexuality because normally these two things are not supposed to go together. In Madonna’s world, these two things apparently do go together and she wants to let the world know it. So how is she going to represent religion and sexuality? Well it was revealed that her tour will feature pole dancing nuns. Some people find it controversial, while others who are fans of Madonna find it exciting and entertaining. As for Madonna, the thing she is looking forward to the most is being able to perform new material on the tour from her recent album “Rebel Heart.” The pole dancing nuns are just something new that will add entertainment value for the audience.
The hardest part for Madonna is balancing her older material with her newer material. Madonna realizes that her long time fans want to hear the music of hers that they originally fell in love with. So Madonna has been spending up to 12 hours each day preparing for her tour and figuring out a way to satisfy fans that want to hear new and old music of hers. What Madonna came up with was a plan to turn her older songs inside out by making them more iconic. Fans who go to her European tour should expect originality in all aspects of her songs and performances. If there is one thing fans know about Madonna, it is that her concerts are never without originality. She understands that the presentation is just as important as the songs being performed. If she were just some has-been going on stage and singing her songs straightforward, her concerts would probably not be as popular. Madonna has pretty much redefined the music scene, which is why the Queen of Pop nickname suits her well.

New band of the week: Sundara Karma (No 65)

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There are new bands all the time making names for themselves. These kinds of bands have been given the nickname “Indie Bands.” The newest band of the week that you should pay attention to is Sundara Karma. These young band members have been called “Indie-Springsteens” because of their euphoric guitar rock that is fun and original to music lovers. The band members of Sundara Karma include Oscar Lulu on vocals and guitar, Haydn Evans on drums, Don Cordell on bass, and Ally Baty on guitar.
The word “Sundara” comes from an ancient Sanskrit word which means “noble” or “beautiful.” As for karma, you have probably heard of that word before. People use it all the time to describe some kind of natural repercussion that will happen to you based upon your actions. If you do something bad then people say “karma” will come to collect and place something as equally bad upon you. It also means something good will happen to you if you do good things as well. So what does this name represent for the young band? At this point, no one really has a clear idea. Their music has been described as “more beautiful than sunshine” and the band members are thought to be bold and full of life.
Sundara Karma comes from a town called Reading, which tends to make people feel isolated from the rest of the world. The lyrics from the band would suggest that they grew up feeling isolated and yearning to escape their town for the big city. A lot of people in this world grow up in towns that make them feel alone and trapped in a simplistic lifestyle. Even though these kinds of towns are safe, they won’t make your big dreams come true. Instead they will only hold you back from doing bigger things and making a bigger impact on the world. Sundara Karma sounds like four teens that were eager to flee the simple town life and pursue their dreams in a big city. Not only that, they sought the admiration of a large audience who would love their music. Their biggest influences have been Bruce Springsteen, but with their own touch on ideas of sacrifice and death placed into their music. Sundara Karma’s music has had over 750,000 streams on Spotify and high ranking positions on the Hype Machine chart. For an indie band, these are all great signs of their popularity and impact on audiences around the world. Chances look very good that Sundara Karma could make it to the main stream audiences some day.

Women Who Rock: Haley Bonar

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A Minnesota musician named Haley Bonar has become an inspiration to women everywhere. Women with families only dream of being able to do what they are passionate about, like playing the guitar and writing songs. Haley Bonar is a mother who doesn’t let taking care of her daughter get in the way of her ambitions and dreams. This doesn’t mean she neglects her daughter, quite the contrary. She is a terrific mother who is there for her daughter all the time. But she has also been able to find a balance between being a mother and pursuing her music ambitions. Many people wonder how she is able to find such a balance in her busy life.
When Haley Bonar first found out she was pregnant, she had her worries. It made her feel like her music career was going to end and that she would never be creative ever again. But what actually happened was just the opposite. Motherhood made Haley Bonar focus more on everything that is important to her in life; her daughter and music. Where other people in her position would feel that they would have to choose between career and motherhood, she chose both. Haley said in an interview that she just makes the balance work because she is determined to do so. It is also good for her daughter to see her mother following her dreams and doing a job that she loves to do rather than a job she hates. It is never good for a child to see their mother working a job they hate. Haley feels that her daughter will feel inspired growing up while watching her mother follow her dreams. Then perhaps her daughter will grow up and be confident to follow her dreams as well.
In this age of music technology and internet music streaming, it really isn’t hard for any talented musician to make a name for themselves no matter what their position in life is. If you have your own recording studio at your house, you could easily upload your music to iTunes or Amazon and become your own producer. Not only will this help you generate money for your music, but it will help you get noticed as well. Then perhaps someone in the industry will come across your music and want to contact you for a record deal. This kind of thing happens all the time. And if you are a parent, do not worry. The worst case scenario is you can hire a nanny to watch over your child while you are away. Either that, or take the child on the road with you. Anything is possible if you truly want it to happen.