New band of the Weekend: Strange Names (No 52) just named Strange Names as the new band of the week. The band is a trio of musicians and singers from Minneapolis who have been described as performing polished pop with a little bit of dark undertow. They are kind of similar to the B52s and the Talking Heads. The trio is made up of Liam Benzvi on vocals, Francis Jimenez on guitar and backup vocals and Fletcher Aleckson on drums. Like many great artists, they claim their music comes from a place of great pain. That is why they tend to touch upon dark lyrical subjects. Even the band members themselves claim their music is not too easy to enjoy. Between their dark infectious tunes and experimental tendencies, it has been rather difficult for them to gain a widely accepting audience. However, their music is catching on after the release of their EP and a single with the recording company “White Iris Records.”

Strange Names still thrives to be a major label in the music scene. One great thing about their music is that it can spread to almost any genre or era. They’ve used the pop culture perkiness of Only Boy and Supernatural Silence and the 60s pop surf harmonies of Overused Phrase. Some claim the music actually feels sunny and happy, and takes them out of a dark place. It makes them feel like everything is going to be okay. Basically, it all depends on the person. Their songs are not necessarily all dark and depressing, but it may take a little bit for some people to get used to. It really depends on how much you can relate to the pain that the singers are expressing in their lyrics. Some people may be able to relate to their pain more than others.
Overall, Strange Names produces songs that are danceable and contain the sound of pop rock to them. Many people from the older generation have listened to their songs and have liked what they heard. The same goes for the younger generation as well. This is why Strange Names will likely succeed in this business. They seemed to have captured the interest of all kinds of music lovers. Their only setback seems to be capturing enough interest in order to make a better name for themselves and become more successful. But with many critics and magazines giving them free publicity about the quality of their music, it looks like Strange Names might be the next big band that people talk about.

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