Raleigh Ritchie: ‘I don’t want to be on posters. I just want to be good’

Raleigh Ritchie is best known for Game of Thrones and as a rising pop star. You would think that a person in his middle 20s with all of these opportunities would be the happiest person in the world. But Raleigh tends to worry a lot about his career and the way people are going to perceive him. While playing the character of Grey Worm on Game of Thrones, he is also a musician and singer. Music is what helped Raleigh deal with a lot of rough times in his life, like the insecurities of his career. He worries that people will negatively judge him for trying to pursue both an acting and music career. He also worries about getting older and transitioning into adulthood. That is why his singing commonly expresses his fears and insecurities in the lyrics. But even then, he still worries that audiences won’t understand how he truly feels.
A lot of young people can probably relate to Raleigh. As a kid, he was bulled and beat up in grade school like many kids around the world. This caused him to try and remain anonymous from the rest of the kids. That way bullies wouldn’t know he existed and wouldn’t want to target him. He carried on this isolation all throughout the rest of his adolescence years until he finished school. Then he moved to London at the age of 17 to try and pursue his acting career. Raleigh was in a dark place for awhile and it got to the point where his parents were really worried about him. But it was through music that Raleigh was able to pick himself back up. However, he claims that he doesn’t want to only write songs in order to therapeutically deal with his dreadful memories of the past. He wants to write songs in order to entertain people and please his fans.
Now he is 24-years-old and is already planning to purchase a home with his girlfriend. Not only will he have to endure a mortgage, but he and his girlfriend are even talking about having kids as well. If you had asked Raleigh four years ago if he would ever want to purchase a home with a mortgage and have kids of his own, he would have said no way. But now he is in a much better place and it has helped changed his thinking about these kinds of adult responsibilities. But these responsibilities still scare Raleigh because they are all new to him and cause him to worry again. Only time will tell if he is able to move forward in a positive light.

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