Jam to Alabama Shakes, Passion Pit, Fool’s Gold and More In Our 5 songs to Stream!!

New songs are coming out all the time. It is so easy for both professional and amateur singers to release their new songs on the internet. Amateurs don’t need to hire an agent or sign a contract with a big time music producer. They can just produce their own songs at home and then upload them to the internet. They can even sell their songs through Amazon or iTunes as well. But with this ability for independent singers to distribute their work, it also means there could be lots of bad songs out there. Music lovers have to rely on reviews and comments in order to determine if a song is worth listening to or not. Well at digitaltrends.com, they have already gone through the hundreds of thousands of songs and picked out the five songs that are the most hyped up on the internet.
“Don’t Wanna Fight” is the newest song from the band Alabama Shakes. This band was formed by two high school friends that wrote and sung their own songs. Now they have grown national acclaim. Wet Leaves by Mac McCaughan is another song to look out for. Mac used to be with the Superchunk indie rock band back in the 1990s, but later separated and went solo. Wet Leaves proves Mac’s ability to sing solo and to do it well. But if you want a song that makes you feel like you’re upside down, listen to “The Graduates” by Speedy Ortiz. It provides a complex series of music and vocal tracks with strong instrumentations added.
Number four of the top five goes to “Where the Sky Hangs” by Passion Pit. This indie band specializes in electronic rock and they have just released their album record “Kindred” this week. This record contains “Where the Sky Hangs,” which listeners have described as being like a fireworks display. In other words, it is energetic and full of life. Then finally, “Another Sun” by Fool’s Gold is a top song on digitaltrends.com. Another Sun is a song from their soon to be released album. It is described as a Congolese and Ethiopian style track that is vibrant and dream-like.
So now you have five songs to listen to that you probably didn’t know about before. These top rated songs got their popularity from the listeners of the world who just love to listen to them. Perhaps you will love them too.

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