Good for You by Selena Gomez

I was looking for new music this weekend and came across Selena Gomez’s Good for You. I normally don’t listen to her music, but thought I would give her a try since I didn’t know if I truly liked her music. The title is what caught my eye originally, but the beat is what kept […]

5 Songs You Need to Hear This Weekend!!

There are new songs being released every week from around the world. It can be hard to monitor and listen to all the great songs being released, so you have to narrow down your choices to 5 particular songs if you are on time constraints. The first song you should pay attention to is “Of […]

Track of the Day! Charlotte OC

Charlotte OC whose real name is Charlotte Mary O’Connor is a British singer and songwriter. In just a short period of time she has already blossomed with her music and has caught an international fan base. She has also been chosen to appear on the Communion New Faces tour. The British entertainment website, Digital Spy, […]

Where Are You Now by Skrillex and Diplo feat. Justin Bieber

Something about this song gets stuck in my head. I can’t tell if it is the melodic rhythm of Diplo and his metronome style–Skrillex spilling the bass like sips of honey–or Bieber offering a subtle hints of soul. For whatever reason, I think this new single has potential to become an anthem this summer. The […]

Mona Lisa by Dead Sara

“Mona Lisa”is the first single from the new album. It starts off with some background noise and finger-snapping along with a little band hum. Then the song kicks in with a snaky guitar line and a solid rhythm section. Armstrong gets to have a lot of fun with her vocals on this track. And while […]

Something Good by Dead Sara

“Something Good”is not the first single off of the album but it should be. Seems tailor-made for radio with a chorus that will quickly get stuck in your brain and verses that are begging to be sung along with. The production is clean and the music is very straightforward. – (sound is a little subpar)

Dead Sara

Dead Sara have been highlighted by me previously, and they just released their second album “Pleasure To Meet You”. The band, evoking shades of Hole, Sleater-Kinney and L7 play straightforward guitar driven rock. The band comparisons are mostly due to vocalist/guitarist Emily Armstrong and guitarist Siouxsie Medley – you don’t see too many female-fronted rock […]

Hotel Ceiling by Rixton

A haunting song with an equally haunting music video. It begins with finding love then losing it. It deals with the emotions felt after losing a loved one; the confusion, guilt, anger, and much more. In the song he describes the love as dead while the music video has a man missing while his love […]

Winter by TV on the Radio

Winter highlights some big guitar sound from Malone as the track starts off.  The first minute is just Malone’s guitar and Adebimpe’s vocals, until a simple drum beat kicks in with some heavy underlying bass.  The underlying elements sound simple, but as the song evolves it sounds much bigger than its parts.       […]

Could You by TV on the Radio

Could You features what I find to be very upbeat music; I hear underlying tones of optimism on this track.  You’ll hear some good vocal interplay between Adebimpe’s lead vocals and Malone’s background work.  There’s also some nice horns in the background during the chorus that add some punch to the song.