Phantogram is a NY duo whose music could be described as electro rock with a touch of psychedelic and shoegaze that also incorporates some very effective use of stutter beats.  In fact, this band’s music is really differentiated by their use of stutter beats.  Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel formed Phantogram 7 years ago.  They both perform vocal duties and Josh plays guitar while Sarah is on the keyboards.  After several EPs, the band released their first album in 2010 – “Eyelid Movies”.  After several collaborations and another EP, they put out their second LP “Voices” earlier this year.  While I’m not the biggest fan of the entire album, it definitely has its highlights and there’s plenty to like about this band.  I guess that’s why I haven’t bothered to write about them until now.  However, their single “Fall In Love” is definitely one of my favorite tracks released this past year, so I wanted to share it and this band with everyone.

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