Agora by Bear Hands

“Agora”is another track with an insanely catchy chorus, so much so that it almost erases the impact of “Giants” as it keeps replaying in your head.  The first time I heard this track I probably went back and repeated it 3 or 4 times before continuing with the album.  And that is very out of […]

Giants by Bear Hands

Giants was the first single of off Distraction and it immediately caught my attention the first time I heard it on the radio.  What really stands out on this track is the chorus, and the combination of the unusual vocal delivery and the great guitar line that is played along with it.  It does what […]

Bear Hands

Bear Hands may not be my first choice for a band name, but I guess it helps this Brooklyn quartet stand out a bit from other bands.  The band first formed in 2007 when Dylan Rau was going through a crazy time with his love life and was inspired to write a ton of new […]

What by Broncho

What leads off the album and is a good example of the band’s sound.  Nothing too in your face, but there’s plenty of interesting elements going on.  Effective guitar work, but nothing flashy.  Some interesting vocal tics, mostly coming out in the chorus.  It’s a short track at just over 2 minutes so it’s over […]

Class Historian by Broncho

Class Historian is the catchiest song on the album, actually one of the catchiest songs released this year.  Yes, it has a silly stutter sound as the main hook in the chorus, but it’s nicely done.  There’s also a great guitar riff that accents the stutter and drives the song forward.  Lindsay’s mumbled and echoed […]


This band may be the first band I’ve featured that hails from Oklahoma; Norman to be more specific.  The now trio (previously a quartet) is comprised of guitarist vocalist Ryan Lindsay, guitarist Ben King and drummer Nathan Price.  They released their second album “Just Enough Hip To Be Woman” a few months ago.  The band […]

Black Out Days by Phantogram

Black Out Days precedes Fall In Love on the album, and while overshadowed by the monster track it follows, it’s still a solid song.  Barthel is on vocals again (I prefer her voice over Carter’s), and her vocals are more subtle on this track.  Again, this song displays the key sound elements from Phantogram – […]

Fall In Love by Phantogram

Fall in Love has the immediate sound of a classic.  There are so many things I like about this track.  First off, this song sounds great with a solid pair of headphones, there’s subtlety in the electronic sounds, levels of depth and bass and presence that really help boost the enjoyment when listening to this […]

Work Song by Hozier

Off of the same album as the hit song “Take Me to Church” this ballad is soulful, emotional, and addicting. It is a story from finding love in a time of hardness to death and coming back to love again. It is not a traditional love song but combines interesting music with meaningful lyrics to […]


Phantogram is a NY duo whose music could be described as electro rock with a touch of psychedelic and shoegaze that also incorporates some very effective use of stutter beats.  In fact, this band’s music is really differentiated by their use of stutter beats.  Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel formed Phantogram 7 years ago.  They […]