Looking Too Closely by Fink

Fink – “Looking Too Closely” – Fink comes to us from the UK and I was lucky enough to stumble upon these gents while watching a TV show.  Before Fink actually became a band, the lead singer was a very successful electronic/dance DJ on the European scene in the early 2000’s. In the early stages of his career, Fink was lucky enough to work with Amy Winehouse when she was just 17; one of the songs that he produced/co-wrote for her was featured on her posthumous album Lioness:  Hidden Treasures.  It was after his time with Winehouse that Fink decided he wanted to focus on more traditional music and he stepped away from the electronic/dance music genre and ventured into the Singer/Songwriter genre.  This move, which occurred in 2006, was a great career move; since this change, Fink has dropped 5 albums and has been featured on over 20 television shows.  Upon making this move, he went from a one man band to a Trio (with a few close friends).  Thanks to the change in music genre, Fink has been sought out by numerous artists for collaborations. Most recently, he has hooked up with John Legend for a song, called ‘Move’,  on the 12 Years A Slave Soundtrack. Fink and John Legend also worked together back in 2008 on John Legend’s Revolver album. The song I’m bringing you today comes from Fink’s 2014 album, Hard Believer, which was dropped in early July in the UK. I feel like this song really captures the kind of artist that Fink truly is; the song has a folky/bluesy feel to it. Every time I hear this track, I can’t help but want to sway from side to side and get lost in the music. Honestly it’s quite a simple song that is carried with a strong guitar and piano presence; this is evident in the first 45 seconds of the song before Fink begins to sing. This presence is carried until about the 2 minute mark, which is when the song picks up in tempo and the drums become more prominent. Overall, I think the track is laid out extremely well and my favorite portion of the song is at about the 3 minute mark when just the piano is playing and you can hear Fink’s vocals so clearly.  If you enjoy this track, I’d suggest checking out a few more tunes from this band.


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