Here It Goes Again by OK Go

“Here It Goes Again” – This is the song that gave me full exposure to OK Go. The opening guitar rift immediately asked for my attention and maintained my attention all through the course of the song. The catchy chorus is hard not to enjoy also. The video features the band dancing on treadmills in a single continuous take. The dance was choreographed and directed by Trish Sie (Damian’s sister). It took a total of 17 attempts to complete the video. What some people may not realize is that Tim is actually lip-syncing the lead vocals; Damian is actually the lead singer of the band. The video became a staple on YouTube; it was one of the most watched videos, with over 52 million views. The band performed the routine at the 2006 MTV music awards, flawlessly I might add. In 2007, the video won a Grammy Award for Best Short Form Music Video.  Enjoy!

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