Cool Kids by Echosmith

Echosmith – “Cool Kids” – Echosmith is band made of 4 siblings (Graham is 15, Sydney is 17, Noah is 18 and Jamie is 21) from Los Angeles, whom have been making music together since 2009. In May 2012, the band was signed to a record deal with Warner Bros. Records. Prior to being signed to their record label, the band was posting covers songs from ColdPlay, Adele, Mumford and Suns, and Ellie Goulding on their YouTube channel. The siblings enjoy making music together and consider themselves to be an indie-pop band, with some 80’s flare. They grew up listening to U2, Fleetwood Mac, ColdPlay and numerous other bands, that influenced them to form a band. They have performed on the Vans Warped Tour in 2013 and 2014; they also were the opening act for Owl City back in 2013. The band released their debut album, Talking Dreams, back in October 2013; from this album, they dropped 4 singles.  Of the 4 singles, “Cool Kids” is by far their biggest hit; it peaked at number 13 on the US music charts back in 2013.  The song has just recently began to get radio airplay again, due to the band performing on the Conan O’Brien show back in June of this year. The song is about a boy and girl who just want to be noticed.  The song is led by Sydney’s wispy voice, which gets some added help from the synth-y infused melody during the chorus.  The chorus is very catchy and it’s probably the songs leading driver; the tempo of the track speeds up as soon as the chorus comes on, bringing the song to a new level. Enjoy!

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