Blue by Beyoncé

“Blue” – I wanted to add a bonus track, simply because I enjoy it and coincidently I heard it this morning on my way into the office. This track is probably the sweetest track on the album. It’s a song dedicated to Beyoncé’s daughter, Blue. It’s a simple song that is highlighted with a simple snare drum rift and an underlying piano line. Around the 2min mark, you can hear an electronic guitar line come in to lift the song as it enters the chorus. There really isn’t much for me to say about the song, except that I enjoy that she made a song solely dedicated to her daughter. The most adorable portion of the song is during about the last 30-45 seconds of the song where you can hear Blue saying ‘hold on to me”. I had to search around for a website that actually contained to whole song, so initially you may hear someone talking in Spanish (which isn’t part of the song). Once you click on the link, just be sure that the title says: “ Beyoncé ft. Ivy Blue – Blue [Official Music Video]”. Enjoy!

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