Premonitions by Vault

Vaults – “Premonitions” – Sadly, there isn’t a lot of info out on the web about this band. Luckily for me, I just happened to stumble upon them while streaming a radio station. What I have been able to learn is that they are synth-pop trio from London and their lead singer is a female. They currently have 3 singles that can be purchased on iTunes (one of which I’m bringing to you today), but I have yet to hear anything about a full album. They are also currently touring, but only in the UK. I wish I had more details to give you about this band, because I really do enjoy their music. Since I’m limited on info, I’ll just dive into the features that I like about the song I’m bringing you today. The lead singers voice is strangely familiar to Annie Lennox (during her time with the Eurythmics). In a sense, her voice is feathery and haunting, but not over powered by the synth arrangements throughout the song. At about the 2:20 mark, the music dies down and you can really focus on her voice. I enjoy the addition of the violins near the tail end of the song. I think it brings the song to a strong end, which could potentially lead to the next track (by the way it fades out). If you enjoyed this song, I’d suggest checking out their most recent single ‘Lifespan’. Enjoy!

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