Help me lose my mind by Disclosure

Not many words are left in my mind once this song is left ringing a warm feeling in my ears. The percussion build up immediately floods my auditory sensors with a fond smile of acceptance. This song I have found on repeat this year–it is the perfect song to ride on Muni to your local tea house; headphones steadily singing the sweet melody on repeat. One almost forgets the performance is live, London Grammar’s soul filled voice has been modified to exist in this digital age and by the time you are done being mesmerized by the lyrics, you can almost find yourself wanting to play it again–on repeat! Disclosure has proven themselves this year teaming up with some amazing, not to mention, talented musicians to produce a sound that is set to please the ears and excite the spirit. Without any need to say anything further, I give you (one of my all-time favorites) “Help me lose my mind” by Disclosure feat. London Grammar

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