Short Change Hero by The Heavy

The Heavy is a 4 man band from the UK that has been making music together since 2007. The band’s musical styling reflect a new-soul/indie rock vibe, which is in large part due to the strategic use of various horns in their songs, as well as intricate guitar playing and the lead singers (Kelvin Swaby) raspy voice. After the band put out their 1st album (Great Vengeance And Furious Fire) in the later part of 2007, the band started to really gather momentum and steam; both Spin Magazine and the Rolling Stone mentioned the band as an artist watch. In 2008, the band was lucky enough to play in the South by Southwest music festival and won the Best Discovery Award for their performance. By 2009 the band had released its 2nd album (The House That Dirt Built), which was led off with the hit single “How You Like Me Now”. That single is what brought the band massive media attention. The single has been featured in numerous TV shows, commercials, video games, and even at the 2012 presidential election. Thanks to the strong media attention, many of the bands singles from their 2nd album have been big hits. The song I’m bringing you today is one of my favorite tracks from their 2009 album. The song starts off with a Swaby humming and a strong guitar rift that serves as the pulse of the song. Swaby’s voice comes along with a melodic rise that becomes more focal at about the halfway mark of the song, when it’s just his voice and a funky piano playing. I like this song because it’s a bit more mellow than their hit single, How You Like Me Now, and I think the song has a little more content to it. If you like this song, I’d suggest checking out a few of their other tracks from the 2009 album. Their 2012 release (The Glorious Dead) has some really good tracks on it as well. Overall, I think they are a great band and I can’t wait to hear more from them. Enjoy!

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